Enterprise staffing software that helps you deliver amazing results.

Bond AdaptSuite staffing software and recruiting software.AdaptSuite staffing software is designed to help you excel at what you do best – making money at putting people to work.

You want more — we can help. With 40-plus years of staffing software experience, Bond International Software has learned how to leverage technology so that staffing agencies like yours can become more successful. All that experience goes into our AdaptSuite staffing software. It’s designed from the bottom up to help you do an even better job of recruiting, selling, and managing your services.

Recruiting, where first-to-fill means first-to-bill.  The AdaptSuite Recruitment Studio was designed based on the feedback from thousands of staffing professionals just like you. With nearly everything you need on just one easy-to-use screen, we’re constantly innovating to leverage every new technology that will help you recruit faster. And, yeah, our staffing software has a mobile version. 

Sales CRM and AdaptSuite = more closes, faster closes.  It’s time to quit wasting time in your staffing software’s CRM when you’d rather be closing a sale. AdaptSuite’s Sales Studio gives you fast, easy access to all of your contacts and activities and helps streamline taking care of all those pesky little details you need to close and make your quota. Hey, we’ve got your back, man.

Onboarding with speed and convenience. Save time and money with automated onboarding through AdaptSuite Compass. Our web-responsive candidate portal makes the collection of employment forms and information convenient for both your candidates and your staff.

Payroll & Billing that gets the numbers right every time.  We think that contract and contingent employee payroll and client billing and all that other back-office stuff is just as important as the front office stuff. That’s why AdaptSuite’s Payroll/Billing capabilities are world-class enterprise capable. It’s fast, accurate, and intuitively easy payroll and billing that reduces your cost of service delivery. 

Management made easier with AdaptSuite.  Managers — you’re the one staying late, or waking up worrying about the business. We get that. AdaptSuite Management capabilities offers you robust business intelligence dashboards and reporting and analytics, from strategic business KPI’s and metrics to tactical staff performance details. With AdaptSuite staffing software you’ll be able to manage with better insights that drive profits and growth. 

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