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Staffing & recruiting software from Bond: Ease of use key for Molly Brown Temps, Inc.

Washington State-based Molly Brown Temps(a Bond US staffing & recruiting software user) has been offering successful personnel solutions since 1984. A locally owned staffing service, Molly Brown provides temporary, temp-hire and direct placements in a wide range of areas including clerical, accounting, marketing, retail and more. The company operates two offices, with locations in Bellevue and Seattle.


Past conversions had left Molly Brown a recruiting software skeptic. According to Payroll and Accounting Manager, Carie Parkin, a previous conversion experience turned out to bring on even more problems for the company than before the original conversion. Knowing what hadn't work in the past, Parkin set out to find a new staffing and recruiting software solution for Molly Brown.


As any staffing and recruiting software user knows, it's important to see the practical functions for yourself. She visited a client site and saw Bond's staffing and recruiting software in use prior to purchasing it. "That was also a key item in helping us decide on the program," said Parkin. "To see it in another form besides a demo makes a world of difference. A demo can only do so much; to see a real company using it on a daily basis proved to me that not only did it work but that the current customer was also a huge fan of the program."


Software conversions are not created equal, as staffing providers have unique needs. According to Parkin, they chose to do a data transfer from their previous staffing software to Bond's staffing and recruiting software. "I warned my office that doing a transfer could be a disaster because the last transfer from our previous provider was a nightmare," said Parkin. "We had numerous corrupt files that carried over, so I figured it would be an issue moving into Bond's staffing and recruiting software."

Bond did a conversion that only delivered employees with earnings in our system. Molly Brown chose not to deliver history, clients, orders and employees with no earnings. "I couldn't be happier," said Parkin.


Having gone live with the staffing and recruiting software, Molly Brown is still busy learning many of the functions and capabilities. As a new customer, the data conversion process is still fresh in their minds. The experience that Molly Brown went through may guide others in similar situations on future conversions. "My message here is to really think through the process of doing a conversion if you had a bad previous incident like we did before switching to Bond's staffing and recruiting software," said Parkin.

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