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Whether you are looking for a more effective way to integrate QR codes or social media into your recruiting processes, or need to know what features to look for when selecting new staffing software, the free resources from Bond US below will provide you the information you need.

Download one or more of our free white papers or on-demand webinars below:

Recruiting Issues

How Staffing Professionals Can Counter Companies That Re-Recruit

Companies are seeing a trend in "re-recruiting" - attracting internal talent for open positions. Will this trend negatively impact recruiters? Here's what staffing and recruiting professionals should know about how to counter the re-recruiting trend.

How Recruiting Stole the Show at Netflix

In 2001, an energetic start-up company took to the stage in the midst of the dot-com bubble bursting. Their journey from start-up to stardom not only includes earning a spot at the top of the online entertainment industry, but also an unlikely success in an unexpected scene: recruiting. Learn how Netflix learned to recruit top talent - and how you can, too.

How To Recruit the Right Millennials Using Social and Mobile

The Millennial generation has acquired a certain stereotype – that they feel entitled, frequently job hop, are too tech-focused and have unrealistic job expectations. But you can flip these characteristics and view Millennials as connected, social, mobile and ambitious – which can be valuable assets to your client. Learn how to go where Millennials are active to recruit the right talent for your client.

Software Selection

10 Steps to Successful Staffing and Recruiting Software Selection

Choosing software for your recruiting business can be a daunting task for even the most experienced staffing executive. Yet finding the right recruiting software is vital to the successful operations of your business. That's why we've outlined the selection process in 10 steps. From building your strategy to determining your company's readiness for change, our clear outline will give you confidence in selecting the software that's right for your recruiting team.

Staffing Best Practices

Bond US Sales Selection, Training and Development Report 2014

Bond US surveyed over 70 staffing and recruiting professionals to glean valuable insights into how to build, train, and coach a recruiting sales team to success. Get access to our survey results and learn how your company measures up in this 2014 report.

Anticipating the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Staffing Industry

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a hot topic for all industries. But for the staffing and recruiting industry – collectively referred to as the staffing industry in this report – ACA brings with it a cornucopia of confusion and chaos. There is widespread uncertainty regarding ACA’s impact, along with the potential costs and opportunities associated with it. How is the staffing industry responding? Read the report and find out.

Health Care Reform Webinar: What Your Recruiting Or Staffing Agency Needs To Know

Through 2014, your recruiting or staffing agency will be affected by health care reform updates - in ways that could impact your day to day operations - and your bottom-line. Learn what immediate steps your agency needs to take to manage this impact by attending this on-demand webinar from Bond US and Essential StaffCARE.

Staffing Metrics That Drive Business - Webinar & Video

What metrics will most influence the growth and profitability of your evolving staffing agency, and just as importantly, how can these metrics be effectively measured and reported? Find out in this on-demand webinar from Bond US. We welcome you to download both the webinar slides and the on-demand recorded version of this presentation.

Staffing Sales Best Practices Webinar (Watch Video)

Learn how to best act on the industry trends facing your staffing agency, and discover how to develop precise and proactive sales plans, in this on-demand webinar from Bond US. We welcome you to download both the webinar slides and the on-demand recorded version of this presentation.

Social Media

Webinar: The Nuts & Bolts of Blogging To Grow Your Staffing Company

Is your staffing agency blogging and using social media? Or to put it another way, is your agency taking full advantage of tools that are readily available, easy to use - and free? In this on-demand webinar, PR and social media expert Susan Young shows you how to get started with blogging and social media - and how to use these channels to drive web traffic and sales leads.

Social Media Tips For Recruiting & Staffing - Webinar & Video

Your candidates are on Facebook. Your competitors are on Twitter. And both your candidates and competitors, along with the leaders in your industry, network on LinkedIn. Has your staffing and recruiting agency joined them? Learn how your agency can best harness the power of social media in this on-demand webinar.

7 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Leverage LinkedIn

Populated with candidates that mean business, LinkedIn is the social media channel most built to speak to the needs of your staffing agency. In this white paper, you will learn how to find the right candidates in this channel - and better yet - optimize your own LinkedIn profile so candidates may find you.

5 Steps for Staffing Success on Twitter

When you venture into Twitter, you are entering the world's largest party. As a staffing professional, what can you expect to gain by attending? Find out by reading this Bond US whitepaper featuring five steps for staffing success on Twitter.

Google+ For Staffing: Now or Later?

Does its quick evolution into a social media phenomenon mean Google+ has also evolved into a social media network that will help your agency meet its staffing goals? Find out whether you should integrate or wait on Google+ by reading this Bond US white paper.

7 Ways To Grow Your Staffing Agency With Blogging

When done right, your agency's blog is the foundation for your social media campaigns, and the best way for your clients and prospects to see the humans behind your human capital management team. In this white paper learn the best way to develop a blogging strategy that can help you grow your staffing agency.

6 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Engage Their Social Channels

A successful social media strategy for your staffing agency starts with successful understanding of social media engagement. In this white paper, learn how your staffing or recruiting agency can create and tap into the power of its own social community.

New Technology

Five Reasons Why Staffing Firms Are Rising Into the Cloud

If the idea of the cloud is hazy to you, check this out: today’s forward-thinking staffing firms are flocking to adopt cloud-based software. Businesses cannot afford to waste time at work, and cloud-based software enables staffing agencies to move fast. This white paper will get you up-to-speed on why the cloud is not only a good idea, it’s working for your competitors – and it can work for you, too.

QRCodes - Top Ten Tips For Staffing & Recruiting Industry Use Webinar (Watch Video)

Quick Response (QR) Codes are gaining popularity fast. How can your staffing agency use these codes to connect with more candidates - and fill more positions for your clients? Learn some actionable tips in this webinar from Bond US. We welcome you to download both the webinar slides and the on-demand recorded version of this presentation.