We get staffing and recruiting. More importantly, we really get staffing software.

Bond US practically invented staffing software and recruiting software out of the same kind of needs you face today.

How do you effectively and profitably find, place, and manage talent? For more than 40 years our innovative staffing software solutions – changing with the times and technology – have proven that they can streamline business processes and accelerate the recruitment and placement of human capital. Those solutions include Bond legacy products TempWare-V, eEmpACT, and StaffSuite, as well as our flagship product, AdaptSuite.

We’re the U.S. operations for Bond International Recruiting Software PLC, the global leader in staffing software and recruiting software. Bond US, with headquarters in Atlanta, GA has more than 500 customers and 20,000 software users. More importantly, we’ve got a dedicated staff of professionals with years of staffing and recruiting experience – all focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Our parent, London stock market-listed Bond International Software PLC (BDI), is a global provider of recruitment software and human capital management (HCM) software and services. Bond is the largest, and most established, global specialist in staffing and recruiting software and is a rapidly growing provider of web-based and multi-lingual e-recruitment and talent acquisition software to the corporate market. Bond also provides HR software, payroll software and outsourcing services directly to both the public and private sectors in the UK.  

Established in 1973 and listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1997, Bond products and services have become industry standards. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the Group also has offices in the United States, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Peru – with a global team of nearly 500 employees, more than 3,500 customers and over 140,000 users.

Bond US Leadership Team

Dave Williams, Chief Executive Officer

Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in August, 2015, Dave was Bond’s Chief Operating Officer for eight years.  He now has overall responsibility for the vision and strategic direction for the company. The success that he has had in his over 30 years in the software industry has always come from the incredible teams that he has been privileged to lead. The team at Bond is no exception as it simply focuses on being the best at everything it undertakes. “If you focus on being the best, you will eventually be the best.” For fun (or  stress relief), you can find him in the gym, playing tennis and golf, or fixing old houses.

Anne Bailey, Chief Financial Officer

Since 1995 Anne has made sure that all of the financials are both accurate and make sense as Bond’s Chief Financial Officer. As the “Spreadsheet Queen,” her passion is analyzing numbers, organizing data, and seeking out the best value. Anne’s staffing experience began in high school as an intern with a staffing firm in the Washington DC area and then she audited records for other firms while on college breaks. When not working, Anne is planning her next family adventure with her husband and two sons, which often involves watersports and/or hiking. http://lnkd.in/bu8AHCT

Brenda Silverman, Vice President, Human Resources

Brenda brings over 20 years of HR experience to Bond as the VP of Human Resources. She has led the HR efforts at several technology companies and has vast knowledge of high-growth and start-ups in both small and large companies. Some say she invented the term for the difficult to find candidate – the ‘purple squirrel’ – but she denies it. As the mastermind behind our fun events she’s cheerful and loves to laugh yet a tough negotiator when the mood strikes. She is very organized and can’t stand a mess of any kind, something her husband and two dogs are keenly aware of. http://lnkd.in/bKNA7i2

Doug Weinbach, Vice President, Sales

Doug brings 20-plus years of sales and sales leadership experience to Bond in his role as VP of Sales. He has led successful, high performance sales teams at ADP and other major companies in the human capital management arena, as well as in printing services & technology. Doug provides a wide range of perspective and best practices counsel across many aspects of a business’ operations, with the overriding objective of helping clients achieve their ultimate goals and the greatest possible bottom-line impact. Outside of work, Doug enjoys running, playing tennis and hockey, and spending time with his family. www.linkedin.com/in/dougweinbach

Michael Best, Sr. Director of Development

Mike began his technical career with degrees at VA Tech and Georgia State. He’s waded through swamps with the EPA, consulted during the dot com boom, and spent the last 12 years leading technology teams. Customer satisfaction is his guiding principle, working with customers to understand their needs, and how the right software solutions can improve their lives. As Sr. Director of Development, Mike oversees Bond’s software development teams with the goal of increasing quality and effectiveness while consuming mass quantities of coffee for the protection of others. http://lnkd.in/EUu9Mm

John Bill, Director of Information Services

John began his IT career over 30 years ago in the United States Air Force, when computers were roughly the size of a house. After leaving the Air Force and work with a tech company, he joined Bond in 1997 as Director of Information Services. John is in charge of keeping the lights on and the systems humming for Bond’s hosting services and supporting IT infrastructure. He is driven by the challenges and solutions technology offers. In his spare time John can be found sitting by a pool or beach with friends and family – but he always has a piece of technology nearby.

Erica Ellis, Director of Internal Business Solutions

Erica Ellis spent 15 years working in software in various roles before taking on the responsibility for simplifying Bond’s internal business processes. She implements central internal systems, using them to automate workflows following best practices – allowing her to distribute colorful process diagrams to large groups of people. She has a BBA in Marketing from the University of Georgia and wonders if she would have a nicer car had she stayed on the pre-med track. She spends her spare time with her husband and two kids playing sports and in other outdoor activities. http://lnkd.in/bDTsu9h

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