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Our clientele includes well-recognized leaders in staffing and recruiting – who understand that the trust and partnerships we’ve built with them are integral to the continued success of their operations. Give us a call or send us an email today and we’ll show you how our staffing and recruiting software can help you as well.

“Trillium is a large staffing organization facing a wide range of ACA reporting situations. In meeting with our consulting benefits administrator, we demonstrated and talked through the various reporting and administrative scenarios we have and how our Bond staffing and recruiting software manages them. They were blown away by the ability of the system to calculate and present the data in an accurate and concise manner. The system came back with the right result for every scenario we tested. The time, energy, and dedication that Bond has put into ACA compliance management really shows in the performance of the software. This is the kind of commitment that helps strengthen our partnership with Bond.”

— Timm Sturgeon, Controller, Trillium Staffing

“With Adapt’s Recruitment Studio our recruiters are able to access almost everything they need – talent, profiles, job orders, internal notes, and hiring statuses, from a single screen. We also found that with Adapt’s recruiting software dashboards we have quick insight to the key information we need.”

— Sharon Tsao, CFO and Principal, Contemporary Staffing Solutions


“In the sales process, AdaptSuite helps us show our prospective clients how it supports the handling of various requirements, maintain compliance, ensure drug screening — it shows time and effort saved — and that can make a difference when they are considering our candidates versus those of another competitor.”

— John Clifford, Vice President and CIO, TRC Staffing Services, Inc.

“We selected Bond staffing and recruiting software as we needed an integrated solution with a strong back office that could scale to meet our growth plans.”

— John Elwood, President and COO, Elwood Staffing

“With Bond recruiting software and other technologies we now have more and better means to service our customers and field staff. It enables us to deliver the caliber of service our customer’s desire consistently.”

— Rene Poch, Founder and CEO, Trillium Staffing

“We expect to gain efficiencies with Bond staffing and recruiting software that will enable us to double our growth without having to hire a new back office employee. It used to take eight hours to enter in a 350-400 person payroll for one client. That time has been reduced by 50 percent.”

— John Porrello, CEO, Priority Business Services

“Traditionally, we’re ‘old school’ in that we wanted complete control over our data. Now, in retrospect, I’d say that MSP is the only way to go. It cuts IT costs and many of the headaches of IT management for us — while handing over accountability for our bread-and-butter software and servers to a trusted partner, Bond.”

— Pam Plasky, VP, Operations, Ryan Alternative Staffing

“The Bond staffing and recruiting software software system is the lifeblood of our company. With all of the challenges we face, whether from clients, candidates, or competition, it’s good to have software from a business partner like Bond who understands the business and helps us deliver.”

— Melissa Hulsey, President, Ashton Staffing

“As far as we are concerned, Bond’s staffing and recruiting software and the company is first class.”

— Britt Landrum III, Director of IS, Landrum Staffing Services

“One of the big challenges in staffing is recruiting qualified candidates. With Bond staffing and recruiting software and its Web Portal, we have the ability to streamline this process.”

— Tom Porter, CEO and Founder, Marquee Staffing

“Since day one, Bond’s customer service has been outstanding. Bond staffing and recruiting software provides our company with great flexibility and agility.”

— Lee Witherow, President, Adams and Garth

“Bond staffing and recruiting software makes us more efficient and productive – giving us the competitive edge with our clients. Our clients judge us by our ability to deliver results and Bond understands this.”

— Heinz Little, President, Debbie’s Staffing

“The most amazing benefit of managed services is not having to even think about technical issues with the server or staffing and recruiting software — we even take it for granted when the software enhancements are added.”

— Andrea Hill, Managing Partner, Johnson & Hill

“Bond delivers outstanding customer service while taking the time to understand the importance of each client’s needs with an acute sense of urgency.”

— Sandra Lawrence, Sr. Technical Recruiter, West Valley Staffing Group

Give us a call or send us an email today to learn more about how our staffing software solution can benefit your recruitment business. 


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