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  • Master Body Language and Become A Better Recruiter

    Use Body Language in Interviews to Succeed Our bodies create up to 700,000 different signs, according to one expert. That leaves recruiters with a lot of body language in interviews to read as they determine which candidates will be “just right” for their staffing firm’s valued clients. Although people realize at a young age that a frown means displeasure, did you know, for instance, that a candidate’s feet in an interview might be the best signal of how they truly feel? Recruiters’ body language during interviews can also... [more]
  • Studying the Stars: What Recruiters Can Learn from Understanding Celebrities’ Body Language

    Understanding Body Language From Celebrities’ Photos Gives Recruiters Insight into Candidates from the Bond Blog. To help recruiters study and understand nonverbal cues, we’re looking to the stars. Check out these celebrity photos for insight into understanding body language. The next time you’re interviewing a candidate, what they do may tell you clearly what they’re saying, even if it conflicts with their words. Between 65 and 95 percent of what you say is said through body language, not by what you say out loud, so understanding body language is extremely valuable when you’re working with... [more]
  • Management Megaphone: How Recruiting Managers Can Improve Communication With Body Language

    Manager Communication Skills Previously, we discussed how your sales team can use body language to improve performance. This week it’s the managers’ turn to learn how to improve management communication skills, connect with your team and know what they’re really saying, with words and without. Effective leaders understand how to use body language. When you’re giving your recruiting team a LinkedIn networking training session, explaining a new industry your firm is targeting or going over staffing software... [more]
  • Bond Releases White Paper on Affordable Care Act Basics

    Bond Releases White Paper on Affordable Care Act Basics Foundational Affordable Care Act Information from the Bond ACA Knowledge Team This whitepaper presents relevant information for your use regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how the new law will affect your Staffing Service. It includes: The 6 things you should be doing now Transitional Relief Available in 2015 Who must be covered in 2015? ACA Definitions you should know The ACA represents a significant challenge for staffing firms. To help staffing firms... [more]
  • The Top 15 Recruiting Experts to Follow on Twitter

    The Top 15 Recruiting Experts to Follow on Twitter Take the 20 percent of US adults who use Twitter, add in 9,100 tweets per second and that equals one great big pool of people, posts, advice and information. Recruiters hustling between candidate interviews, scouring responses from job board postings and contacting clients about new talent have limited time to check out their Twitter feeds. Those who hop on periodically can get valuable recruiting advice and insight from recruiting experts — if they know whom to follow. With that in... [more]