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  • How You Can Track The Footprints Of Referrals To Achieve Hiring Success

    How You Can Track The Footprints Of Referrals To Achieve Hiring Success If you have ever had the opportunity to go on a photographic safari, you know the trek’s success depends upon modern day tools.  Safaris have come a long way since the days of old-fashioned tracking. In places like Mala Mala, a private game reserve tucked into the northeastern corner of South Africa, the tracking game has gone through high-tech transformation.  Whereas local guides used to search for tracks on foot, now they go out daily to watch big game movement in sturdy Range Rovers... [more]
  • OSHA and Temporary Workers: What Recruiters Need To Know A Year Later

    OSHA and Temporary Workers: What Recruiters Need To Know A Year Later One year ago this April, OSHA announced a new series of laws that affect how staffing and recruiting companies work with host employers in the training and protection of temporary workers. To recap, here’s why the changes were needed. In 2011, 12% of the 4,693 fatal work injuries in the U.S. were suffered by temp workers.  This represents a disproportionate number of fatalities as temp workers represent only 2% of the total workforce. In 2012 overall fatalities dropped to 4,383,... [more]
  • Bond AdaptSuite software enhancements improve flexibility and control over day-to-day recruiting and staffing operations

    AdaptSuite staffing and recruiting software New features in Bond AdaptSuite version 2.5 give recruiting and staffing professionals greater control over processes that result in better efficiency and productivity. Bond International Software, the global recruitment, HR and Payroll specialists, announce the release of Bond AdaptSuite recruiting and staffing software Version 2.5. This latest version includes new features designed to expand the efficiency, flexibility, and control of the day-to-day operational processes related to staffing... [more]
  • Bond International Software plc announces unaudited preliminary results for 2013

    Bond International Software Bond International Software plc, a world leading supplier of staffing, HR and payroll software and services, with operations in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Singapore and Australia, today announces its audited preliminary results for the year ended 31 December 2013. KEY POINTS FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Recurring Revenues now represent 95% of adminsitrative expenses (2012: 92%) Administrative expenses* reduced 4.1% to £24.6m (2012: £25.7m) Operating profit* up 23% to £3.4m (2012... [more]
  • Dig Deeper Into Online Job Boards And Win

    Dig Deeper Into Online Job Boards And Win Sssh!  Can you hear it?  It’s the sound of staffing and recruiting professionals everywhere connecting to job boards with their recruiting software! Job boards have long been the go-to channel to connect with candidates.  Even today, with the advent of social media and new tactics to find talent, job boards are still at the top of the list of recruiting tools. Some might argue that job boards are overrated.  Yet the numbers associated with big boards such as LinkedIn, Monster and... [more]