13 Signs You Should RUN AWAY From Your Staffing Software

Posted by Bond Team | November 5, 2015 |

scary-movieLooking at the crop of popular horror-themed shows like The Walking Dead, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Grimm and others, it’s pretty obvious that we enjoy the thrill of scary things. But in real-life, when it comes to the software systems that help you efficiently run your staffing and recruiting business, there should be nothing scary to contend with – EVER!

That said, there are some staffing software features that should make you run for cover. If your current staffing software, or one you might purchase, possess any of these thirteen “run away” signs, you should consider safer alternatives.


Top 13 “Run Away” Signs

  1. Recruiters can’t easily perform most of their daily tasks from one screen
  2. The software isn’t browser web-based
  3. You are unable to run a forecast report to gauge upcoming business
  4. You don’t have the ability to integrate with your email client
  5. You aren’t offered comprehensive candidate search capabilities
  6. Tracking employee ACA and benefits eligibility is a messy, manual process


  1. There is no access to KPI reporting that helps you manage staff and business performance
  2. Operational and financial data cannot be searched and combined, providing insight into transactions
  3. There are no workflows to streamline recruitment processes
  4. The software cannot scale easily as your business grows
  5. Resumes can’t be parsed in, notes can’t be added, and appointments can’t be created from candidate email
  6. You can’t integrate with social media to improve recruitment sourcing
  7. Sales, recruiting, and operations teams are unable to work together in the same software application


How does your staffing software fare against the list? If you’re shaking in your boots, it may be time for a change. The right staffing software is intuitive, integrated, and streamlines your recruiting, sales, and operational processes. With this approach to software, the you’ll have nothing to fear – but your competition might.

To learn more about how staffing software can help create efficient workflow and fill job orders fast, schedule an AdaptSuite Demo today! 

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