20 Experts to Follow on Twitter for Staffing Sales Advice

Recruiting Sales Experts“There is no prize in sales for second place. It’s win or nothing.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

You work hard in staffing sales to get the win. From striving to stay up-to-date on niche industries to feeling pressure to meet quota, some days you might need an extra boost of motivation to help you persevere and succeed. Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 20 sales experts on Twitter with advice on how to boost your sales.

By following these 20 sales experts on Twitter, you can leverage their expertise and stay inspired throughout your day.

Experts with Staffing Sales Daily Tips

For day-to-day staffing sales advice and tips, follow these experts. From utilizing referrals to streamlining your process, they offer valuable insight.

  1. @engagecolleen | Colleen Francis
    Twitter Topics: She gives tips about giving strong sales presentations, keeping a positive mindset, knowing your customer and finalizing the sale.
    Followers: 11,000 
  1. @mike_kunkle | Mike Kunkle
    Twitter Topics: His focus is on changing the sales process, transforming the sales team, hiring top talent and social selling.
    Followers: 13,800
  1. @keenan | Jim Keenan
    Twitter Topics: This sales expert shares insight about team training, company culture, sales referrals and connecting with customers.
    Followers: 8,500
  1. @scottwintrip | Scott Wintrip
    Twitter Topics: He tweets about recruiting a solid sales team, becoming a better leader, building customer relationships and growing your business.
    Followers: 993
  1. @TomHopkinsSales | Tom Hopkins
    Twitter Topics: From building up sales referrals to communicating clearly, he offers sales tips that are applicable to recruiting sales teams.
    Followers: 21,500

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Pros with Staffing Sales Motivation

On the days when no one’s returning your phone calls and you get three client rejections, go to these sales experts. They have advice and motivation to get you back to selling – inspired!

  1. @SalesGravy | Jeb Blount
    Twitter Topics: He tweets about the sales pipeline, customer prospects and best practices, along with sharing inspirational quotes.
    Followers: 105,000
  1. @Sales_Source | Geoffrey James
    Twitter Topics: He posts sales tips, advice about succeeding in business and insight about being a better manager.
    Followers: 24,700
  1. @TheSalesHunter | Mark Hunter
    Twitter Topics: His messages focus on sales advice, training techniques, connecting with prospects and leadership.
    Followers: 32,000
  1. @DonCooper | Don Cooper
    Twitter Topics: He offers advice about networking, motivating employees, generating leads, pinpointing the people to avoid and knowing your prospects.
    Followers: 69,100

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Experts with Social Selling Advice

These staffing sales experts have great insight about selling on social media.

  1. @jillkonrath | Jill Konrath
    Twitter Topics: This sales expert tweets about the sales process, how to sell on LinkedIn, metrics to use when selling and management tips.
    Followers: 27,800
  1. @annekeseley | Anneke Seley
    Twitter Topics: She tweets about social listening, encouraging your sales team to be engaged online and training your team.
    Followers: 6,500
  1. @jeffshore | Jeff Shore
    Twitter Topics: This sales expert tweets about best practices, selling on mobile, closing the sale and training.
    Followers: 16,800
  1. @barbaragiamanco | Barb Giamanco
    Twitter Topics: She focuses on social selling practices, including using storytelling to improve sales, integrating email marketing and creating a referral process.
    Followers: 9,377
  1. @davestei | Dave Stein
    Twitter Topics: His focus is on selling by maximizing social media and nurturing prospective customers.
    Followers: 6,100
  1. @scoremoredeals | Lori Richardson
    Twitter Topics: Social selling is her focus. Her sales advice includes selling over the summer, developing your sales team and differentiating social platforms’ best practices.
    Followers: 13,600

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Experts with Advice for New Staffing Sales Team Members

  1. @sellingtools | Nancy Nardin
    Twitter Topics: This sales expert tweets about sales tips and meeting quota, including how to use technology and tools.
    Followers: 17,700
  1. @elaycohen | Elay Cohen
    Twitter Topics: This sales expert focuses on building relationships, engaging with customers and sharing sales best practices.
    Followers: 3,300
  1. @GregAlexander | Greg Alexander
    Twitter Topics: He tweets about sales staff turnover, acquiring leads, strategies to innovate and customer relationships.
    Followers: 46,900
  1. @PeopleFirstPS | Deb Calvert
    Twitter Topics: This sales trainer tweets about team development, leadership, effectiveness and sales training tactics – all very applicable to recruiting sales.
    Followers: 12,700
  2. @TopSalesWorld | Jonathan Farrington
    Twitter Topics: Using social media to sell, becoming more efficient, training sales teams and prospecting are a few of his key topics.
    Followers: 107,000

These 20 sales experts have insight that can help you boost your staffing sales performance. Follow them on Twitter for tips, advice and inspiration to help you succeed.

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