3 Reasons You Need Staffing Software That Integrates with Social Media

Posted by Bond Team | September 1, 2015 |

Staffing Software with Social Media Integration Valuable to RecruitersYour recruiters know that today’s top candidates are active on social media. From LinkedIn to Instagram, prospective candidates are increasingly social. In fact, 73 percent of Americans have a social profile.

The challenge to your recruiters is limited time. They’re busy interviewing prospective candidates, making phone calls, checking in with placed candidates—they don’t have time to log onto LinkedIn and scroll through dozens of “Mary Johnsons” and “James Smiths” to see which one is the potential candidate they seek. And woe to the recruiter who’s looking for “Thomas Anderson” on Facebook and gets sucked into the latest viral video. There’s 10 minutes of wasted time!

By contrast, when your team uses staffing software that’s integrated with social media, they can quickly examine the social profiles of job seekers. Since recruiters can arrive at a social profile with one click, bypassing the need to search for profiles (and reducing the likelihood of running across funny recruiting memes), this saves time. (Oh, that precious commodity!)

If you’re ready to hear more, here are three reasons you should use staffing software that integrates with social media:

1. More efficiently access social networks directly from your staffing software.

When recruiters can access social media profiles from within their staffing software, it gives them quick, easy access to crucial information about candidates.

“For me, social media is a human-powered Google search,” writes Jessica Miller-Merrell, founder of Blogging4Jobs.com. “Social media is about increasing your reach and tapping into the powers of your network.”

Staffing software that allows recruiters to tap into social networks directly from their recruitment studio helps your team source candidates faster and more efficiently. Whether recruiters are looking for a specific work history or are fostering passive talent, the faster they can get into social profiles, the faster they can connect with top talent and find the right fit.

2. Proactively respond to social signals from candidates who are ready to make a job change.

When in-demand professionals decide it’s time for a career move, you want your recruiters to be top-of-mind from ongoing social interaction. Staffing software that’s integrated with social media helps your recruiters consistently connect with top talent so they’ll be poised to act when candidates are ready for a change.

“Candidates are looking for work,” writes Miller-Merrell. “It’s increasingly in the moment, spontaneous and via their mobile device. Recruiters need to use what I call ‘right time recruitment.’ This means investing time in social media, sharing of resources and community building with the understanding that candidates will find you.”

Staffing software that integrates with social media keeps your recruiters connected with talent, so they can present compelling job openings to talent at the right time, when candidates are ready to apply.

3. More successfully recruit niche talent with an awareness of their social dialogues.

When your staffing software incorporates social media, your recruiters can more easily monitor what a niche talent pool typically wants. Armed with this knowledge, they can emphasize attributes of job openings that are likely to attract that talent.

Katrina Collier, social recruiting expert, writes in her blog that recruiters should use social media to pinpoint what niche talent seek. “Using developers as an example, [you’ll find] they would like a pleasant workspace – good lighting, no basements; the right equipment; independence and flexibility and skilled managers.”

As recruiters are challenged to find in-demand niche talent, knowing how to leverage staffing software to understand their wants and needs is valuable. Whether your agency’s clients need app developers or quality control technicians, your recruiters need to keep up-to-date on your niche area. Staffing software that integrates social media helps them see what niche talent pools want, easily and efficiently.

Check out this handy staffing software checklist for a complete list of features recruiters love.

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