3 Recruiting Techniques for Hiring Millennials

Brainstorming recruiting techniques for hiring millennials remains a popular topic among staffing professionals and their clients. Businesses are continuing the trend of focusing hiring efforts on Generation Y professionals. The majority of organizations seem to have a good idea of who millennials are and how they view the world, but there is still confusion on what jobs they want and where they look for openings. When developing a recruitment strategy for passive millennial candidates, there are three factors to consider:    

Social Media

Recruiting Millennials - Bond International SoftwareFor sourcing, recruiters are going to want to be where millennial candidates are. Data consistently shows that this generational talent pool spends a lot of time on social media sites. Since many people are utilizing these types of sites, it creates a terrific opportunity to advertise and search for talent. LinkedIn is a popular sourcing tool among recruiting and staffing individuals since its focus is on professional networking. Other social media options worth considering are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once a user has devoted time to learn how to take advantage of online networking opportunities through social sites, the possibility of recruiting millennials as active candidates becomes a lot more feasible. 

Although widely discussed, using sites like Facebook and Twitter is not a common recruitment technique for hiring millennials. When it comes to sourcing, only 18% of recruiters use social media. This creates a huge area of opportunity for a lot of staffing agencies. Because millennials are now the largest demographic in the workforce. Incorporating social media into your company branding and recruitment strategy is worth the time and effort. If you don’t know where to start, check out our recent blog post on Jump-Starting Your Social Media Strategy.

Look for Job Hoppers

The term ‘Job Hoppers’ is often a negative association with the millennial generation. Some studies support the job hopping stereotype, yet other studies identify similar employment patterns in Baby Boomers as well.  Consequently, employers tend to disregard resumes that indicate job hunting patterns.  While the appearance of a disloyal employee is off-putting to a hiring manager, staffing professionals can use the behavioral trend to their advantage.

Since the costs of millennial turnover is expensive, a staffing agency’s bench pipeline is potentially the perfect solution. By joining forces with a staffing recruiter, millennial temporary employees have the opportunity to “get their feet wet” with long-term assignments before fully committing. If either the employee or the client shows uneasiness over the assignment, the recruiter can proactively backfill and reassign employees as needed.

Culture As a Selling Point

A company’s culture as a selling point could seal the deal for a millennial. A recruiting technique for hiring millennials sometimes overlooked is listing company perks such as flexibility, fun work environments and opportunities for career advancement. Another possible advantage while recruiting could be job duties that contribute to some kind of positive cause. An incentive of filling a desk seat and collecting a paycheck is no longer enough. Millennials want to feel like they are contributing to a greater good. Although not all of these perks apply to staffing opportunities, having in depth knowledge of what Generation Y values in a job can be a great education opportunity for a staffing client who wants those types of placements.

Implementing recruiting techniques for hiring millennials can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of behavioral trends to consider like a high use of social media and mobile devices, on top of high expectations for employment opportunities. An engaging online recruitment strategy is your best bet for targeting the millennial talent pool. To keep up with the popular staffing strategies or learn about other staffing industry trends, be sure to subscribe to our blog today!