3 Signs You Need Staffing Software with Business Forecasting

Posted by Bond Team | August 11, 2015 |

Staffing Software Removes Guesswork for ManagersStaffing agency managers, ever wish for a crystal ball that could clearly show your agency’s future? Or perhaps a psychic on speed dial who’ll tell you, “Yes, definitely move into the niche area of home healthcare workers.” Or, “You’re about to lose two salespeople – start hunting for replacements now!” If you ever long for clearer predictions on agency growth, you need a reliable solution – staffing software with business forecasting. Business forecasting uses data to automatically create reports that help you steer your agency to growth areas. Here are three signs that you need staffing software to help you boost your business.

1. There are times when your sales team or recruiters are swamped and you need help – yesterday.

It’s natural for recruiting agencies to experience an ebb and flow of activity. As new clients are brought on, new job orders come in, there’s a flurry to fill openings and placements are made. That’s the nature of the business.

However, if your staff is regularly overwhelmed with work, that’s a sign that you need business forecasting to help you mitigate the ups and downs of workflow.

“We need to know trends and where our business is going,” says Jeffrey Weinstock, Esq., president of Rhodes & Weinstock, LLC. “This allows us to shift resources or hire additional recruiters as needed.”

Business forecasting synchronized through your staffing agency software allows you to see work in progress and also gauge future job order flow. You can keep your staff at the right capacity so they’re working at the top of their ability, even as you efficiently place the best talent and keep prized clients happy.

2. Niche recruiting areas see a burst of growth – unexpectedly.

If you feel challenged to predict what new niche areas your agency should move into, your business would benefit from staffing software that incorporates business forecasting features. Business forecasting gives clarity into growing niches so you can expand into related areas.

Information about growing niches areas will become even more vital as the U.S. job outlook remains strong. In fact, a recent survey found that nearly half of employers reported that they plan to hire full-time, permanent staff over the next six months. Do you know where that growth is expected to be? Is your agency ready to take advantage of it?

“Agencies need CRM that enables great forecasting for the sales team, pre-sale,” says Amy Bingham, staffing industry consultant. “The key for managers is to ensure that users know the sales automation functionality of their front office system and that they actually use it.”

Staffing software that is integrated with Outlook, accessible on mobile and easy for your team to use helps your staff see its value. Then, your staff will reliably use software and enter pre-sale information. Because they’re entering data, you’re able to gauge niche areas that are on the cusp of growth so your team is poised to respond.

“Staffing is a sales business,” says Bingham. “If we have no visibility to our pipeline and cannot forecast our business, we are throwing spaghetti at the wall waiting to see what sticks.”

3. Niche recruiting areas slow down unexpectedly.

Finally, if you ever wish for “pre-cog” abilities to know what niches your agency should move away from, that’s a sign that your agency needs business forecasting. Forecasting allows you to see upcoming drops in business areas so you can adjust accordingly.

“If our temp revenues are declining, we need to shift to more sales or filling open temp orders if we are not filling them,” says Weinstock. “If we see temp revenue increasing, we might want to hire an additional recruiter. Likewise with perm revenue or even looking at our various lines of business.”

Business forecasting allows you to anticipate upcoming drops in business and redirect staff to other niche areas – particularly those niche areas that are on the verge of growth.

When it comes to predicting your agency’s growth, ditch the Tarot cards. There’s a better answer. Staffing software with business forecasting uses real data, real assessment and real reports. You obtain real information so you can make the best decision to grow your business.

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