Sales Tips from the Experts: 3 Ways to Reach Your End-of-Year Goals

Posted by Bond Team | December 8, 2015 |

Sales Tips You Can Follow with Staffing Software SolutionsWhen salespeople hear the word “quota” at the end of the year, what’s the first thought that comes to their minds?

For some, it’s “panic.” As we approach the end of the calendar year, salespeople can be stressed about pipelines and quotas yet unmet. To help ease some of that anxiety, we’ve reached out to three sales experts for tips on ending the year stress-free. Here’s what they recommend. 

1: Set Yourself Up for Staffing Sales Success

If you set end-of-year expectations that are impossible – or nearly impossible – to meet, you set yourself up for failure from the start. Instead, be reasonably optimistic to yourself and your team, and develop an achievable sales plan.

“For many salespeople, goal is a four-letter word, both literally and figuratively,” said Scott Wintrip, founder of Wintrip Consulting Group. “They fear goals, hate goals, or, in the very least, are disappointed when they don’t reach them. These negative experiences often lead to people dismissing goals altogether. The root cause of much of this negativity is the complex nature of goals and the process to reach them.”

“Sales leaders can help people have a better experience by helping their team members create and execute simple and sustainable plans for reaching their goals,” Wintrip continued. “When approached in this manner, even an end-of-year goal that seems unattainable can often still be achieved.” 

Here are some resources to help you build an achievable staffing sales plan:

Scott Wintrip is the founder of the Wintrip Consulting Group and has been named to the “Staffing 100” four times. He’s also made Recruiter Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40,” as one of the most influential executives under 40 years old. 

2: Remember Your Clients Have Deadlines, Too

Salespeople aren’t the only ones who stress over deadlines; their clients do, too. Their needs will often be similar year over year, so it’s important to consider your clients’ goals as you work to accomplish your own. 

“One of my favorite tips for how sales pros can reach their end-of-year goals is this: Contact every client who ordered from you during Q4 last year,” said Tom Hopkins, chairman of Tom Hopkins International, Inc. “It’s likely they have budget dollars they need to use (or lose) by year end. Do the same with those who ordered during Q1 of this year.”

Tom Hopkins has trained over five million students on five continents and written 18 books, including
How to Master the Art of Selling and When Buyers Say No. 

3: Increase the Fill Rates of Orders You Already Have

While landing new clients is a primary goal toward filling quotas, it’s also important to increase the fill rates of your existing orders. Focusing on increasing fill rates forces some creativity with resources, but could ultimately be easier than scrambling for new business at the end of the year.

“We are in an environment of high demand (for staffing services) and low supply of candidates,” said Amy Bingham, owner of Bingham Consulting Professionals. “As a result, most firms have more job orders than they can fill. So at this point with just weeks left in the year, my advice is first and foremost to focus on filling the orders you have now to achieve your year-end targets. Get as creative as possible using all recruiting resources available – referrals, job boards, search engines, LinkedIn, and even contract recruiters if additional hands on deck are needed.”

“Additionally,” Bingham continued, “check in with all current clients to see if they have any needs as the holidays approach.  As always, don’t take your foot off the gas from a new business development perspective, but the fastest route to additional revenue is to increase your fill rates for the opportunities you already have.”

Consultant, trainer, and coach Amy Bingham installs sales systems that produce immediate results for staffing firms of all sizes across all segments of the business, helping them accelerate revenue, gross margin, and profits.

Armed with the tips above, you’re ready to conquer your end-of-year staffing sales goals. Remember: Set yourself up for success, leverage your clients’ deadlines, and increase the fill rates on existing orders. By doing this, you can ease some end-of-year stress and discover that the word “quota” isn’t so bad after all.

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