3 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Sales Niche Experience, Fast

Posted by Bond Team | March 3, 2015 |

Improve Recruitment Sales Niche Expertise

Recruitment sales teams are constantly juggling tasks, between client calls, candidate submittals, researching prospective clients and tracking contacts. When you want to build a client base in a new niche, such as manufacturing, or increase your expertise in an existing one, how do you find the time? You’re already stretched thin as it is – and you’re NOT Mr. Fantastic.

Work smarter – use online tools and strategies to increase your knowledge about a new niche in recruitment sales. Here are three ways you can quickly improve your expertise in a recruitment sales niche, quickly. 

 1.  Define Your Niche

If you haven’t done so, you need to sit down and spend time defining your niche and prospective clients. 

2. Track Your Sales Niche with Online Tools 

The best recruitment salespeople avoid getting sucked into the latest cool YouTube video about manufacturing glass.  No, don’t go there! Stay focused on the tools that help you improve your sales niche expertise, like: 

3. Reach your Niche Audience 

Recruitment sales pros take time to quickly craft an online presence. Potential clients in your sales niche will see that you understand their specific challenges and opportunities. 

Recruitment sales experts know how to get niche expertise, quickly. Pinpoint what your sales niche is and potential clients, use online tools to stay in the know about your niche, and craft your social profile to prove your expertise. Once you invest a little time up front, you’ll have a quick way to obtain expertise in your sales niche. 

For more tactics and advice that help you improve your recruitment sales, browse our sales and marketing resources.

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