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5 Reasons Why the Holiday Season is Great For Staffing

Posted by : - December 21, 2011

Here’s a good way to use that staffing software: tire it out during the holiday season.

It’s a myth that “the holidays” – mid-December to mid-January – are a bad time to recruit. Why? Here are five reasons:

  1. The new fiscal quarter/year is coming up. Despite the continuing bad unemployment numbers (8.6 percent for November), many companies have budgeted for new hires. Those budgets generally kick in at the beginning of the year/quarter, which means that the time to start (or ramp up) recruiting is now.
  2. Top candidates have free time. Have you been trying to get an interview with a candidate for a while? With time off and a slew of projects that can’t be started or finished because so many employees are out, most candidates will be able to find time for you during the holidays, even if just for a phone interview.
  3. Hiring managers have free time. See above. They should be able to review that great resume you’ve been talking about.
  4. Top job seekers are busy on the internet. Thanks to the web, it’s a 24/7/365 culture out there. People who are eager for a job (or a different job) know that better than anyone else. They’ll be using “holiday time” to find and apply for jobs – which means that only vigilant recruiters will be able to quickly connect with these resourceful people. In addition, many people know ahead of the new fiscal year/quarter that they will be laid off, so they’ll be on the job hunt over the holidays.
  5. It’s easy to get together with people. Besides having more free time, candidates, hiring managers and others are generally in a festive mood. They’re more open, in other words, to getting together at an office party, dinner party, coffee shop, or wherever.

So, are you ready to put that recruiting software to work over the next 2-3 weeks? If not, enjoy your holiday – and don’t be too surprised to find out that those top candidates aren’t available when you return.

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