6 Keys to Staffing Software Implementation

Posted by Bond Team | March 1, 2016 |

Ensure that your new staffing software delivers its promised benefits with these six keys to a successful implementation.

After purchasing new staffing software, your staffing agency eagerly anticipates the many benefits that they will get from your investment in this new technology. It is exciting to imagine how your new software will improve your processes, increase your productivity, and make everyone’s lives easier.staffing software implementation

Bond International Software has successfully implemented our staffing software in hundreds of agencies of every size. Along the way, we have learned and developed many best practices for a successful implementation that we have collected into a full report for you.

Take a look at the following summary of the six techniques we recommend you follow to ensure you realize all of the benefits of your new staffing software.

1. Create a Staffing Software Implementation Project Team – Create a team that can collectively represent your staffing firm and new users in all aspects of the implementation. Depending on your size, the team can be comprised of one to many different individuals.

2. Provide Internal Communication – Your employees, the new users of your software, must have frequent communication on the implementation project. The more the better. Communication can generate excitement, share company objectives, prepare users for change, and reinforce training.

3. Deliver Ongoing Project Management – The implementation project team should be active participants in the implementation process. Ensure that these participants are aware of their responsibilities and deliver on time.

4. Ensure Ongoing Change Management – Change management is an integral part to ensuring user adoption. Your new staffing software should be a cornerstone of your daily processes from day one.

5. Plan a Thoughtful Go-Live – The go-live is one of the most important parts of your implementation and should be carefully planned and executed. This includes preparing for post-implementation questions from your new users.

6. Commit To Ongoing Education and Improvement – A successful implementation does not stop at go-live. Your staff should be continually educated on the staffing software. Plan to implement new features as soon as they are available, so that you are always staying up to date with the technology.

Now that you have seen the summary of techniques that you should use during your staffing software implementation, check out our full paper on these six techniques to get more guidance and many specific tips for success.

For information on how Bond AdaptSuite can be implemented in your staffing agency to improve recruiting, sales, and business productivity, contact us for a demo.

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