ACA Compliance “Must Knows” for the Recruiting Back Office

Posted by Bond Team | April 7, 2015 |

Back Office Workers and ACA ComplianceFrom billing to payroll, back office staffing agency employees juggle numerous tasks that keep the company running. As if their days weren’t jam-packed enough, now there are ACA compliance-related tasks to complete as well. 

ACA compliance is an incredibly complex subject that presents significant challenges for staffing companies. Tasks can be time consuming, using up valuable employee hours. Failing to comply can result in financial penalties. 

This blog post should not be taken as legal advice! But the topic is top of mind for many back office staffers. Here are a few “must knows” for the back office when it comes to ACA compliance. 

“Must Know” Activities 

There are five “must do” activities regarding ACA compliance that the back office must conduct each month. 

These tasks come with timeframe parameters, which some back office software can automate to help with ACA compliance. 

Software like AdaptSuite can also calculate the hours worked by employees and the timeframe over which they’ve been working. Then, it presents to recruiting agency staff which employees will soon need healthcare coverage. 

“If I want to see who’s eligible for coverage starting August 1, I’d run the report through July 31 to see who needs to be covered starting the next day,” says Julie Schilz, Bond ACA knowledge team lead. “You can look at a corporation, branch, certain employee or by ACA classification, or just look at your variable or part-time employees.” 

Employee Classifications 

When it comes to “must know” information, it’s crucial to understand how to classify employees. When workers are hired, they should be classified according to ACA categories as follows: 

“Must Know” Time Periods 

There are multiple required time periods that back office employees must know in order to keep staffing agencies compliant with the ACA. These time periods for enrolling in healthcare coverage are complex and require careful attention by back office staff. 

For example, there is a measurement period, which is a 3 to 12 month period where hours are calculated to determine eligibility. A stability period is the timeframe when healthcare employees are considered full time and are offered coverage, while an administrative period is the time allowed for employers to determine eligibility of employees, notify them of their status, and enroll them. 

For more information about various time measurement periods that the back office must know, read the Bond whitepaper Affordable Care Act (ACA) Basics

ACA Compliance is a Critical Back Office Task 

The back office keeps the staffing agency running smoothly. With knowledge about ACA compliance “must knows” and software that can support tasks, the back office can adopt tasks to ensure compliance seamlessly. 

For more information about how back office software from Bond can support ACA compliance, watch the webinar, Bond AdaptSuite Affordable Care Act Compliance Management Software for Staffing Agencies.

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