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Are You Training Your People?

Posted by : - September 20, 2011

“How do I get my people to use the staffing software system so that we can properly track performance and metrics?” Have you ever heard the saying ”If it isn’t in the system, it didn’t get done.” That’s easy for someone to say if they know how to put it into the system. But how do you make sure they know how to do it? Our employees are continually being asked to do more with less. Sometimes it can seem like more of a burden to be asked to input information.

It is important that we understand the capabilities of the staffing software we invest in. These systems store the core of your business, your prospects, the people you are trying to put to work. You want to maximize that power. When you invest some time in learning the capabilities of your system, you can then examine the current processes you have in place. There may be features that have been implemented that could save loads of time for your people or prevent misdirected focus.

Do your processes need to be updated to incorporate how you wish to track data? By having your processes built to include utilizing the capabilities of your systems, this reinforces the expected behavior and drives efficiency. It is important to keep a well trained staff. Have you provided your staff with updated training? Do they know the benefits?

Maybe you have limited resources to be able to provide training for your people. However, if your staff is not well trained and they do not understand the tools with which they have access to, they can become frustrated and burned out. If possible mentoring, train the trainer or shadowing programs can be very useful in communicating training. When you train your staff, you empower them to do a better job. When they do a better job, they make your company a better place and in turn can improve overall performance. And that is what it’s all about.

Debra McDaniel

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Debra works as one of our Product Managers and has been with Bond, formerly VCG, since 2005. Her team is responsible for product requirements, QA testing and documentation. Prior to Bond, Debra worked in the staffing industry for over 13 years.