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Andrew Haas

About: Andrew Haas

Andrew started working for Bond (with eEmpACT) in 2002. Previous positions as Support Engineer and Consulting Services Coordinator help him bring a technical background to his current position. He enjoys travelling the country, meeting new people, training users and showing how our products can streamline processes.

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Title: Implementation Consultant
E-mail: Andrew Haas
Toll Free Number: 1-800-318-4983

Posts by Andrew:

eEmpACT Nightly Cleanup Feature

Bond eEmpACT offers a “Nightly Cleanup” feature that will automate removal of old UltraSOURCE, UltraMATCH and audit trail information from your database as well as deactivate inactive employee records and run a couple of refresh options. This may be more useful for customers with very large databases as it will help you maintain the size […]

Creating Email Templates in Bond eEmpACT

When recently doing some refresher training for a long-time customer, it happened to come out that they had not been using Bond eEmpACT’s History Templates for emailing. This is a classic example of a situation where we are so set in our daily eEmpACT tasks that we can no longer “see” many of the features […]

Automatically schedule “ticklers” for Sales Users

Hey, all you sales people out there! Bond eEmpACT has a feature that might come in very handy and ease your mind about scheduling sales calls for your most important customers. Auto-Planning allows you to automatically schedule tasks or “sales ticklers” for yourself or other sales users in your system. First, select and open the […]

Managing Employee Classifications in eEmpACT

The Classification field in the Employee Master is a required field and can be used to group your employees as you see fit. Typically, you might see classifications like ‘Standard’, ‘Part-time’ or ‘Student’ but the classifications you choose for your system are entirely up to you. In eEmpACT Administration, there are three System Keys that […]

Reconfiguring Preset Roles in eEmpACT

If you are running Version 16 of eEmpACT, you are no doubt familiar with the (awesome!) tabs across the top of the home screen. Version 16 first introduced these tabs and the Roles that control which tabs appear. By selecting a different Role from the drop-down in the upper right corner, you will see that the […]