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Adam Moddrell

About: Adam Moddrell

Adam Moddrell has worked for Bond, formerly with eEmpACT, since 2008. He has worked as the Business Development Manager and now as part of the Account Management Team helping clients make the very most of their solution.

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Title: Account Management Coordinator
E-mail: Adam Moddrell
Toll Free Number: 1-800-318-4983

Posts by Adam:

Do you know your clients?

Client Retention is one thing that some businesses forget to take advantage of. They spend every waking hour thinking of ways to bring in new business but only one meeting a month on how to keep it! Now is the time to put a client retention plan into action. Get involved with your clients weather […]

eConnect 5.7 – reduce your impact on the environment!

Everyone wants to decrease the size of their carbon foot print and go green. Many companies are not only seeing this as a way to show they care about the earth but everyone on it. Printing out hundreds of pay-stubs every week equates to a lot of trees and the cost of this process can […]