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Erica Ellis

About: Erica Ellis

Erica has been part of the Bond team since 2006 when she started with VCG's Implementation team. As the Client Services Manager, her team consists of people responsible for customer support, account management, implementation, training, report writing, and data migration.

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Title: Client Services Manager
E-mail: Erica Ellis
Toll Free Number: 1-800-318-4983

Posts by Erica:

I Need Help

I used to get in a lot of arguments about really petty stuff.  My husband and I would disagree on the location of the Sundial restaurant in downtown Atlanta (it’s in the Westin).   My sister and I would disagree on who played Phoebie’s Navy boyfriend on Friends (it was Charlie Sheen).  My co-worker and I […]

How Do I Keep Up?

When you first purchased your StaffSuite staffing software, you went through a period of training where you learned about the great functionality in the product.  At that point, you could consider yourself knowledgeable on the product.  However your learning shouldn’t have stopped there, because one great thing about StaffSuite is that it is always changing.  […]

Keeping your class engaged

For the past few years, I have participated in training from the perspective of the trainer as opposed to that of the student.  Recently, I had the opportunity to be the student and it got me back to thinking about what it takes to keep the student engaged.  As trainers, we have all conducted classes […]

The “Just do it” learner

This week we will discuss the final learning style that we will cover in this series.  This is the kinesthetic learner.  The kinesthetic learner learns by doing.  An employee may hear a concept and see a concept, but they will not fully understand it (and retain it) until the concept is put into practice. Fortunately, […]

Do You Hear the Words that are Coming Out of my Mouth

Last time we learned some tips for creating a visual experience for our learners.  Now let’s talk a little bit about auditory learners.  This group of people needs to hear a concept in order to best understand it.  If you send someone an email of instructions and they call you to talk it through, don’t […]

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