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Gerry Morgan

About: Gerry Morgan

Gerry has been with Bond, formerly with VCG, since 2003. He brings experience in recruiting, sales, franchise operations and systems interface development, all from 11 years at a national staffing company. Currently in an Implementation Consultant role, Gerry has also worked in Support and as a Business Analyst at Bond.

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Title: Implementation Consultant
E-mail: Gerry Morgan
Toll Free Number: 1-800-318-4983

Posts by Gerry:

StaffSuite Tip of the Week – Accessing and Working With a Previously Saved List

This week’s tip continues our progress of working with an Employee Saved List. After last week’s creation of the list itself and populating its contents, we’ll show how to access that Saved List from last week, display its contents, and apply list “attributes” to individual records within the list. Click to view a PDF of […]

StaffSuite Tip of the Week – Creating an Employee Saved List

This week, we’ll demonstrate how to create a new Employee Saved List using the new list functionality that has been added to StaffSuite recently. This first demonstration will describe simply the creation process of the new list. Subsequent tips will build upon these initial steps in order to learn how to share and apply attributes […]

StaffSuite Tip of the Week – Quickly Viewing an Employee’s W2 Details

This week, we’ll start looking at a series of Government Reporting view functions available from the StaffSuite employee record. Although these viewing features do not represent brand new functionality, they can be important time-savers and are definitely work a look! The first in our series will describe the method for viewing an employee’s W2 Details […]

StaffSuite Tip of the Week – How to Add ‘Close Window’ and ‘Close All Windows’ Functions to the Quick Access Toolbar

StaffSuite allows you to individually personalize the Quick Access Toolbar that is visible whenever you’re logged into StaffSuite. Two convenient functions to consider adding to your own toolbar are the ‘Close Window’ and ‘Close All Windows’ buttons which provide a convenient way to quickly unclutter your StaffSuite desktop of a single or multiple open windows. […]

StaffSuite Tip of the Week – Managing Order Record Relationship Information

This week, the StaffSuite Order record Relationship fields will be explained, including the source of the information for each of the company rep and staffing service rep fields, as well as the default behavior that occurs within the Order Add Wizard. Finally, the Order Relationship Manager screen is identified in order to see where to […]

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