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Gerry Morgan

About: Gerry Morgan

Gerry has been with Bond, formerly with VCG, since 2003. He brings experience in recruiting, sales, franchise operations and systems interface development, all from 11 years at a national staffing company. Currently in an Implementation Consultant role, Gerry has also worked in Support and as a Business Analyst at Bond.

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Title: Implementation Consultant
E-mail: Gerry Morgan
Toll Free Number: 1-800-318-4983

Posts by Gerry:

Realizing Efficiency with your Payroll Check – MICR Encoding

So, have you given much thought before to those oddly-shaped numbers and symbols that appear at the bottom of your payroll check (or most any check, for that matter)? Do you understand their function? These numbers and characters are collectively part of a protocol known as MICR, or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This protocol not […]

Efficiency Training – Increase Your Knowledge of StaffSuite

We are very excited to offer you the ability to learn to use StaffSuite more efficiently and effectively.  Over the course of 4 days, we are offering three different classes designed to increase your knowledge of and efficiency with Sales Management, WorldLink, and Back Office functionality in StaffSuite.  This opportunity will provide you with invaluable […]

Realizing Efficiency with your Payroll Check

We’re going to begin a blog series concerned with the printing of Payroll Checks from StaffSuite. It’s important to understand the different options that you may or may not be aware of as it relates to the finished product – the printed “payroll check”. To help navigate through the various possibilities, we’ll explore in some […]

StaffSuite Master Report Groups

Our final installment in this series concerning StaffSuite invoicing covers “Master Report Groups”. This was covered in a brief over view by Ty Reaves in his post “Who has time for that?“. Our previous discussion presented the framework for the mechanics of applying report groups to the StaffSuite billing process(es), which can include Timesheet Billing, Sales […]

Processing Your New “Look and Feel” Invoice

Continuing the last installment for a new StaffSuite invoice “look and feel”, we now need to let StaffSuite know how we intend to use the new invoice format. The mechanism that lets us deal with that aspect is “Report Management”. This tool allows us to dictate specifics about invoice data sorting so that the new […]

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