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John Bill

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John has been with Bond, formerly with VCG, since 1997 and is the Director of Information Services. John has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry. His team consists of personnel responsible for the administration and deployment of Bond’s SaaS/Managed Services, systems level support for enterprise customers, corporate IS infrastructure support, administration and advancement.

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Title: Director of Information Services
E-mail: John Bill
Toll Free Number: 1-800-318-4983

Posts by John:

StaffSuite staffing software DB Exports and RMAN

Bond International Software recommends having both RMAN and Export backups – 2 levels of backup for StaffSuite staffing software Oracle databases. The exports are good for restoring between backup time and beginning of next business day. The RMAN backups are good for restoring/recovering Oracle datafiles during business hours and after hours What is import/export and why […]

Virtualization – Why Me?

I’m not sure what the new buzz word is for today but recently it has been expressions like “The Cloud” or “I have an app for that”.  But for the last few years the word that showed up on all the blog sites and in the technical magazines was “Virtualization”.  It’s still a hot item […]

Enterprise Network Security

It’s really amazing how far technology has come over the past 20 (or so) years and how it has taken us into a world of 24 x 7 information “overload”.  I remember the days when you worked 8 to 5 and you worked at the office late to meet deadlines.  If you were lucky you had […]

Backing up and Recovering your critical data…

In my last blog I discussed using inexpensive tools to monitor your staffing and recruiting software and other systems to maintain uptime.  Today, due to the devastation from the recent severe weather across the country I felt the need to discuss the backup and recovery of your critical data because you never know when Mother […]

Server Monitoring – Minimize Unnecessary Downtime

If you are a true IT geek you probably don’t have a lot of friends unless you count the servers you manage. That’s not to imply we are social outcasts but we do get along well and enjoy the company of our servers. I can safely say I have more servers to manage than friends […]