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Julie Schilz

About: Julie Schilz

Julie has worked for Bond, (formerly eEmpACT), since 2005. She has worked as a consultant, managing the implementations of fully integrated front and back office solutions, as well as enhancing productivity for existing clients. Julie especially likes all aspects of her career relating to Accounting and Strategic HR.

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Title: Manager of Implementation Services
E-mail: Julie Schilz
Toll Free Number: 1-800-318-4983

Posts by Julie:

How to have a Smooth Upgrade

At Bond International Software, it is in our best interest to make sure that all of our customers are on the most current version of our softwares. This streamlines our processes, cuts down on support calls, and makes us most efficient. If we only had 1 version of each product to manage and write tax […]

Creating Employee Presentation Resumes

Many recruiters simply delete candidates’ contact information from their resumes, throw on a logo, and then forward those resumes, as-is, to the client. My questions are: If the client wanted to review resumes, couldn’t they, relatively easily, gather them themselves? Therefore, what perceived value is the recruiter adding to the process to secure her future […]

When things seem out of balance…

Things to Check When your Balance Sheet doesn’t Balance Due to the debit/credit nature of the general ledger, total assets must equal total liabilities + owner’s equity on the Balance Sheet. Often this report will look out of balance if any of the accounts are setup incorrectly or other mistakes are made. However, do not […]

Planning for the Bus or the Lottery

Think about your most essential employee, is it the person that completes payroll and billing? Ask yourself, would your business be okay if she got hit by a bus tomorrow? Or, on a less traumatic and more positive note, what if he won the lottery and never wanted to work again? Whether you think of […]

Calculating ROI on IT Investments

Project Management is an important and complex role.  According to Thulle in “Going Beyond Traditional ROI”, the value expected or promised is not being received in more than 60 percent of IT implementations (Thulle, 2010). Other sources state that “Major corporate investments in technology are not used as intended or abandoned within six months 80% […]

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