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Megan has worked for the Bond Group since 2007. Starting in the United States, she worked as an Implementation Consultant, an Account Manager, Training & Education Specialist, and then managed the Client Services Team. Moving back to her homeland in 2014, she now works for Bond in the United Kingdom as the Digital Marketing & Communications Executive.

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    Do You Love Working From Your Phone?  5 Must Have Apps!

    Posted by Megan Walker | January 25, 2013

    In December I told you to ‘Stop the Synching!’… so I guess now I am telling you to start using your phone again? Fickle I know. You can’t always be at your desk or in front of your laptop, but the business world keeps moving without you. For anyone that travels for work, works from their car, or likes to always feel connected, here are a few of the phone applications that I just can’t do without!

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    Stop The Syncing – 5 Steps to Unplugging This Holiday Season

    Posted by Megan Walker | December 13, 2012

    I usually get a little sentimental around this time of year. I think about the days of having just one phone in the house, that was attached to the wall. My mother bought an egg timer to try and cut down on how long we would spend chatting with school friends we had just seen.. Read More

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    Help Us Help You

    Posted by Megan Walker | October 18, 2012

    How providing extra pieces of information can help support better assist you when you need it most! There are two ways support cases can be opened with the Adapt Helpdesk. They are by calling the Support phone number (888.493.2032, opt2) or by using Email ( When a case is opened via a phone call, the Support.. Read More

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    I don’t get it… what is it?

    Posted by Megan Walker | June 15, 2012

    Are you one of those people that hear buzz words thrown around, but not quite sure what they mean? People talk about Social Media like they are discussing the weather but not everyone knows how Twitter or Facebook work. I found some great videos online that will quickly remove the mystery of five common terms.. Read More

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    QR Codes – Top Ten Tips for Staffing Industry Use

    Posted by Megan Walker | April 12, 2012

    At Bond US we are always looking for ways to help staffing agencies improve their processes and grow their business. With the recent success of our Social Media webinar last month (which can be viewed from our Resource Download Center) we are proud to present tips and ideas for using QR Codes to aid in your.. Read More

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    The Race To Zero

    Posted by Megan Walker | March 22, 2012

    Thanks for sitting down to read my latest blog post. Much appreciated. Now, stop what you are doing and open your in-box just for a moment, then come back….I will wait. OK, so, what’s your number? How many e-mails do you have right now? 10? 50? 100? Or are you among the many people I.. Read More

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    Making the most of #hashtags

    Posted by Megan Walker | March 8, 2012

    Hash sign, number sign, pound sign, call it what you like, these little lines can be found all over Twitter. Have you noticed them? From #justinbieber or #timtebow to #thevoice and #thegrammys, if you are tweeting you can’t have escaped them. I remember when I first started using Twitter, 4 or 5 years ago and.. Read More

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