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Steve Taylor

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As President and CEO of Bond, Steve helps to set the vision and lead the day to day operations of the company. Steve has a strong interest in customer relationships and providing high quality products to the staffing industry. Steve is also very involved in youth athletics and enjoys hiking, reading and playing tennis in his spare time.

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Title: President & CEO
E-mail: Steve Taylor
Toll Free Number: 1-800-318-4983

Posts by Steve:

Staffing and recruiting sales growing faster than the economy

The staffing and recruiting industry is in the midst of many changes. The introduction of the Affordable Care Act and relatively steady, but slow, economic growth over the past few years is creating an interesting landscape on which recruiters are having to traverse. As a result, professionals are having to count on more operationally efficient […]

Part-time hiring increases

Staffing and recruiting professionals who are examining the job market may want to consider the various factors impacting the nation’s economy before becoming disheartened. There has been a lot of news lately about the negative or lackluster jobs report that was released just last week. Yet, it’s important to consider the various conditions that are […]

Weak Jobs Report Not the End of the World for Motivated Staffing and Recruiting Professionals

For motivated staffing and recruiting professionals, a weak job market may make the hiring and candidate sourcing process a bit more bumpy, but hardly impossible. Those professionals who are outfitted with the latest in efficient staffing software and recruiting software solutions will be able to leverage traditional skills and digital tools to locate and promote the best […]

Improve staffing and recruiting efforts with key metrics tracked by recruiting software

Regardless of what industry you are in, you most likely understand that business is largely a numbers game. Numbers are everywhere, from tracking successes and failures to improving process operations and analyzing customer data. With all of these facts and figures running around, it would be foolhardy to think that the staffing and recruiting industry is no […]

Affordable Care Act expected to boost temporary staffing

While many businesses and Americans across the nation are looking at the Affordable Healthcare Act warily in terms of how it will impact employment numbers, others see potential opportunities. The full implementation of the ACA is expected to present a challenge for many businesses of every size and in every industry. Starting in 2015 (note: […]

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