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The Bond Team has deep industry experience that makes it uniquely capable and responsive to your needs. No staffing or recruiting software firm knows the business better, and that know-how is focused on helping you do what you do better and more profitably.

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Staffing and recruiting: Are you seeing more women in the tech industry?

It’s old news that women, by in large, have been underrepresented in the information technology industry for decades. Unlike in many other fields, this misrepresentation is not just for corner office, top managerial positions, but from the ground up. Positions that range from entry level to chief executive officer are taken by men. Some argue […]

Cloud-Based Recruiting Software Reduces IT Costs And Headaches For Staffing And Recruiting Industry Agencies

As staffing and recruiting companies, like many other organizations, look to cost saving measures, the importance of cloud-based staffing software and recruiting software cannot be undervalued. The impact of the Great Recession may be slowly receding and hiring is picking up, but with companies taking into account the need for staffing flexibility, they are looking […]

Misconception or truth? Millennial workplace stereotypes challenge staffing and recruiting agencies

Millennials may have an image problem. The generation, loosely considered those who were born between 1980 and 1995, are either in the workplace or about to be and unfortunately are viewed in less than flattering terms by many older professionals. Articles and web pages exploring the impact of millennials or dealing with them in the […]

Work Life Balance in Millennials vs. Boomers creates recruiting and staffing challenges

No one generation is exactly alike, however, the differences between the baby boomers and millennials are a bit more than first expected. As staffing and recruiting professionals are realizing, the priorities that each group focuses on when searching for a new position are vastly different, especially concerning work-life balance. The concept is often ambiguous because […]

Hiring trends: Accounting professionals can expect a receptive industry

As a staffing and recruiting professional, you know the trends that are impacting the industries you specialize in. If you're particularly immersed in the finance industry, there's positive news. Accounting Web reports that while most employers are expecting to decrease the number of new college grads they are hiring in the next 12 months, more […]

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