5 Ways Back Office Software Streamlines Staffing Agency Tasks

Posted by Bond Team | March 17, 2015 |

Back office software integrationWhen you’re hard at work in the back office, running batches and processing payroll, do you ever have a sense of déjà vu? But then you realize it’s not merely a sense. You actually are stuck repeating payroll and billing tasks over and over again because of disparate, unconnected software. 

Thankfully there are ways you can ditch the déjà vu. Today’s recruiting software can easily incorporate back office information with the rest of the organization’s data to streamline tasks and omit the need to re-enter data. More importantly, with key operational process streamlined, there are measurable savings in non-revenue generating administrative overhead costs. And that means increased profitability. Here are five ways that the best back office software streamlines work for staffing agency employees. 

1. Integrates with the Front Office.

If your staffing agency has multiple software systems, employees like you in the back office will end up double-entering data. Even if the systems are able to merge, there will still be problems with which system is the dominant “system of record,” requiring manual data entry. The best back office software is united with the front office, so all  agency information, from certification verifications to invoices, is one and the same – no duplicating tasks necessary.  

2. Speeds Processing.

Back office software can incorporate all of the batches you handle at your staffing agency, and it doesn’t hijack your computer while processing. No more impatiently waiting for batches – the back office software of today processes quickly, in real time, in the cloud. That way you can work on other tasks concurrently, such as running a financial report on gross billings for a particular division, continuing to perform efficiently in your workflow. 

3. Automates Communications.

When certain tasks and communications are automated, such as mass emails reminding contingent employees to enter their timecards before an upcoming holiday, you’re able to work more efficiently. There’s no need to feel frustrated at the workers who never submit their timecards promptly. Rather than having to call them individually, you can send out mass reminders via pre-recorded phone calls, text messages or email. 

4. Allows Portal Access.

When you’re working on invoices and in a smooth work groove, there’s nothing more annoying than phone calls that interrupt your work flow. The best back office software includes portal access so that contingent workers, clients and your colleagues can all access information whenever they need it, saving them and you time. 

5. Updates Live.

Live updates to back office softwareOnce a contingent employee’s initial record is set up, any further data entered becomes a part of the employee record instantaneously. Payroll, invoices, security clearance, tax records, certifications – all relevant data entered by anyone in the front or back office updates in real time to streamline tasks for the entire staffing agency team. Software such as AdaptSuite incorporates reports, including gross pay, billings and margins by divisions or branch, giving managers clear insight into agency performance.

“There aren’t flashy windows and dashboards and widgets; when it comes to back office tasks, it’s all about entering information,” says Christopher Vigil, a senior sales engineer with Bond. “With a web-based, all-in-one system, you don’t have to worry about your server going down or hunting to find the right record. With us, if your computer crashes, you log on and have the information you need.”

For more information about technology that supports back office performance, read our whitepaper, Five Reasons Why Staffing Firms Are Rising into the Cloud.

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