5 Bad Recruiting Habits to Break in 2016

A habit, by definition, is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously.bad recruiting habits

When you repeat your behavior day after day, it is easy to fall into bad habits that affect your level of productivity. When you are in an industry such as recruiting, falling on bad habits can lead to lost opportunities and missing out on top talent.

Bad habits are hard to break. I know this, you know this, and the whole world knows this. How you change that routine of behavior can affect how productive and efficient you are as a recruiter. Here are 5 bad habits recruiters need to break in order to win top talent in 2016.

  1. Getting to Know You

You can’t expect to hire a candidate based on their resume alone. You need to take the time to talk to your candidate and get to know them; then, you can go about finding them the right company. By discovering your candidate’s personality and their strengths outside of what they put on their resume, you will have a greater understanding of who your candidate is in order to place them in a position of success.

Getting to know your candidate thoroughly can also help you avoid hiring blindness which causes you to miss indicators of a mismatched candidate.  Evaluating them beyond the resume allows you to measure them against a complete set of hiring criteria versus a few matched skills.  Get to know your candidate and you will increase your ultimate success in recruiting top talent.

  1. Failure to Keep Up with Technology

Let’s face it; if you aren’t keeping up with modern technology, your chances of recruiting top talent are zilch. Social recruiting and new technology afford recruiters the ability to reach more candidates than ever before, yet many recruiters limit themselves to only LinkedIn. The only way to stay ahead of the game is to keep up with all current technology trends.

You can continue to use LinkedIn, but try and branch out with it, especially if your recruiting software has the capability to integrate. Discuss with your peers and discover what technology they are using to suit their needs. Explore all that technology has to offer, and as a recruiter you will be able to reach new talent like never before.

  1. Bad Calls and Bland Emails

People enjoy being courted; you could even say it’s human nature. Recruiting top talent involves a level of playing up to the candidate’s wants and needs, but failing to communicate is one of the biggest rejection factors in the process. If you fail to make the right calls, or you send a generic email that does nothing to entice the viewer, you will lose out on a successful courtship.

Take the time to call a candidate, even if you hate cold-calling with a passion; you have nothing to lose with a simple conversation over the phone. When you send an email or InMail to a candidate, make it personal and do your research. If you can talk up the candidate and make it known that you have paid attention to their resume and background, you will have greater success at recruiting them to your needs.

  1. Organization is Key

If you don’t start your day by looking at your calendar and your staffing software task list, you’re starting off on the wrong foot. Staying organized and on top of your schedule is paramount to ensuring that you are recruiting effectively. If you fail to organize your day and prioritize your duties as a recruiter, you could potentially set yourself up for making bad hiring decisions and creating a poor experience for your candidates.

Put a plan in place to prioritize your schedule based upon your candidate engagement, hiring processes, recruitment strategy, and any other necessary steps you need to take to ensure you are recruiting effectively. If you stay on top of your organization, you benefit not only yourself but the quantity of top talent you are able to recruit for your company’s needs.

  1. It’s Not Just About The Endgame

As great as it is to place talent and build success in your recruiting ability, you can’t be entirely focused on the final steps of the process. If you don’t put emphasis on the hiring process as a whole, you could miss out on opportunities to recruit talent you might have glossed over that would otherwise have been a perfect fit for your needs.

Don’t skip over applicants if you can help it, as it could reflect poorly on your company’s image and what those applicants say about your employer’s brand. It may be hard to do, but by acknowledging each candidate that applies for a position, you might find something that was left out of a resume that would be of great benefit to you and your company.

Regardless of whether you exhibit 1 or 5 of these bad habits, critical thinking and strategy will ensure that you can break yourself free. If you can break these 5 bad habits, you will be able to recruit top talent and increase your odds of success for the future.