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Posted by Alissa Martin | June 19, 2017 |

Aaron imageIn our Atlanta office, our team members frequently have Star Wars on the brain, and it’s all thanks to Implementation Consultant Aaron Myerson’s desk décor. Friendly faces from a galaxy far, far away, such as Yoda, can be found next to Aaron as he provides online training to new users of our staffing software solution. A functionality topic that frequently comes up among recruiters during training sessions is the ability to publish job postings to job boards when sourcing for high-quality talent. Just like a Jedi uses a lightsaber to fight for justice, recruiters sometimes use job postings to thwart competition for hard-to-find talent.

There’s a lot more to job postings than simply publishing a job description. Now that online job boards and search engines are much more competitive, recruiters must take advantage of several different advertising techniques and digital recruitment strategies to ensure maximum visibility among job seekers. However, recruiters are not born knowing the best practices for job postings. It sometimes takes intense training to master the art of attracting online applicants. In an attempt to educate Jedi in training, Master Yoda often instilled some memorable words of wisdom to Padawans that can be applied to both new recruiters and seasoned talent acquisition professionals needing to brush up on the latest job posting best practices. Here are some tips from the best of Star Wars’ Jedi Masters to help you become a Jedi of job postings and restore balance to job submittal ratios.

“Patience you must have, my young Padawan.” yoda 1

It’s easy to copy and paste the information a hiring manager provided you and then publish to find active job seekers. However, this fast and easy approach tends to be the least effective. Verbiage within a job description from a Human Resources department might not be easy for a potential applicant to understand. Take the time to read the job description with your candidate’s perspective in mind and edit the content for better comprehension. Be sure to consider the recommended formats and content guidelines for job postings to utilize SEO and maximize your visibility on platforms that utilize search engine technology.

“Feel the Force!”

Just like the Force binds everyone and everything together, search engine technology brings together job seekers and employers to help find perfect matches for employment opportunities. Get familiar with keyword strategies used in various locations to feel more comfortable with what kinds of verbiage generate more applicants. Recruiters may also want to experiment with which days of the week tend to drive more traffic to job postings, different options for online job boards and what types of job posting formats perform best. Familiarizing yourself with the technology that candidates use when hunting for jobs will help you develop effective ways to drive them towards your organization. The more comfortable you are with what the job boards are looking for to enhance the job seeker’s experience, the stronger you will be with “the Force.”

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

It’s very stressful for recruiters to invest time and money into job postings for a time-sensitive placement, only to receive an influx of applications that are all unqualified. It’s not uncommon to feel anger toward individuals for failing to read the specifications of the job description and ignore their inquiries for employment opportunities. However, there may come a time when you need those unqualified applicants for job orders that suit them better. To avoid future suffering, be sure to take advantage of connecting with unqualified talent for job orders down the line and avoid the dark side of unfulfilled job orders.

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Don’t get too comfortable when you have mastered the art of job posting on various online job boards. Technology and hiring trends are always changing, and best practices that have brought you the results you needed might drastically change tomorrow. Generally speaking, job boards will always choose loyalty to what their users want in order to maintain and grow site traffic, not necessarily the employers who advertise and post job openings through them. Always be open to new ways of doing things to keep up with the rapid changes that can and will occur.

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Now that you have the knowledge needed to become a Jedi Master of job postings, be sure to arm yourself with the right “lightsaber” to defend your staffing agency from the dark side of low job order submittals. The right technology can help streamline recruiting processes and make it easier to manage temporary talent while simultaneously enhancing the candidate experience. To learn more about how our staffing solutions can help find high-quality talent efficiently and effectively while staying competitive with online job postings, then contact us to schedule a demo today! You can also reach out to us with questions about staffing software, contract recruitment or anything else you need help with. We’d love to help.

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