How to Build a Rock Star Recruiting Team

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Your recruiting team has to step up to the stage in order to hire top talent.Building a Rock Star Recruiting Team

If you want to recruit the best candidates, you must have a recruiting team that is exemplary. You have to build a team of heavy hitters, go-getters and attention grabbers. Simply put, you have to build a rock star recruiting team.

The question is, how do you know that your recruiters are up to the challenge and can handle everything from sourcing to interviewing? Here are a few ways you can determine if the attributes your recruiters have are enough to make them rock stars and a killer benefit to your team.

Do They Build Relationships?

It is a recruiter’s job, nay, mission to get inside the head of a candidate and determine if they are a great fit for the job. In order to do that, a recruiter has to build a relationship with a candidate that often involves time, effort and patience. You want a recruiter who is up to the task of making a candidate feel wanted. The recruiter must listen to the wants and needs of the candidate and determine if they can offer a place of work that gives them the opportunities they desire.

A rock star recruiter will spend more time listening than talking to a candidate. This allows them to evaluate their candidate for any strengths they can bring to the table and discern any weaknesses that might present future challenges. When a recruiter gets to know a candidate inside and out, it makes for better hiring and satisfaction in placing the right candidate with the perfect job.

Are They Networking Juggernauts?

You can’t always fall back on your existing database for the purposes of sourcing candidates. You have to get out there and explore any and all social or professional networks available to you. Networking allows for greater reach into the candidate marketplace and a far greater source pool of qualified candidates. Sourcing is great; networking is better.

Your rock star recruiters should use social networks to reach out to candidates and showcase what they have to offer. Social networks such as LinkedIn are a great place to find and qualify candidates based on their values, views and responses to staffing industry trends. Your recruiters should join professional networking groups within social networks in order to reach out to potential candidates as well as keep up with the latest insights into the industry.

Are They Brand Ambassadors?

Besides representing your firm, your recruiters should represent themselves as the de facto face of your company. As “brand ambassadors,” they have to go out and represent your firm. Candidates are looking for positions with companies that offer them everything they want in a job, and what better way than to have recruiters as your main representatives?

The best recruiters should have a social profile that puts them at the top of the food chain. Certifications, skillsets, professional recommendations and work portfolios should all be included in their profile. Recruiters should want to show off their social proficiency, their industry expertise and how effective they are at screening candidates on social media. Qualified candidates pay attention to the details of those who are reaching out to them, so your rock star recruiters should be eager to share the best parts of their job and who they work for.

Can Their Interviewing Skills Be Beat?

You want your potential candidates to be a perfect fit for the job you are trying to fill; otherwise, there would be no reason to heavily recruit the best candidates. Recruiters must be able to use the interviewing process as a tool for thinning out the herd and finding the best people for the job. They must be masters at recruiting, using the time with a potential employee to discover what they bring to the table and if there is any reason they shouldn’t be hired.

Through the hiring process, recruiters must be able to source, screen and choose a candidate based on the questions and answers given during the interview process. They must have an almost “sixth sense” about candidates and how they can fit within your organization. Analyzing the candidate based on their responses and behavior during the interview is key to your recruiters choosing the best person to fit the needs of your firm. Only when a candidate has passed the interview of a rock star recruiter are they truly a fit for the job at hand.

While there is no such thing as “the perfect recruiter,” a rock star recruiting team should and can handle any task that comes their way if they are dedicated to their roles within your organization. Through diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, recruiters with these rockin’ attributes will be a source of empowerment for your firm in today’s talent war.

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