Building Long-Term Customer Relationships with Debbie’s Staffing

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One key to operating a successful business is retaining your customers for the long run. It isn’t always easy, but some firms get it right. Debbie’s Staffing, a North Carolina-based staffing firm, has spent the last 30 years cultivating customer relationships that are not only successful, but have been long-lasting. Vice President Quintin Williams offered us his insight on what has allowed Debbie’s Staffing to build long-term customer relationships over the course of the company’s existence.

When dealing with customer relationships, Quintin has this to say about Debbie’s Staffing: “In celebrating 30 years in business this year Debbie’s Staffing has taken pride in building lasting relationships with our clients.  Based on our motto of “Service First” we feel like there are three main elements to forging strong partnerships; honesty, transparency, and availability!”

Quintin Williams

Quintin Williams

Be Honest with Your Customers

You and your competitors offer the same basic service of placing temporary workers. How you go about this service is what differentiates you and helps determine what kind of customer relationship you are building. Honesty can often times be that differentiator.  Your customers want to know the truth about your experience with candidates, their skill sets, and their ability to do the job. Honesty isn’t always the easy choice, but offers the most reward. Promoting a culture of honesty within your staffing firm allows your customers to see exactly who you are, what you stand for and what kind of placement work you can do for them.

 “Our clients respect the fact that we are candid with them and openly express our opinions whether they are good or bad,” says Quintin. “In the end they realize we are making recommendations in their best interest even though it might not be what they want or expect to hear at that time.” 

Even if the best option is not the easiest option, you have to be honest with your customers if you want to build lasting relationships. Just as Quintin highlights the efforts that Debbie’s Staffing has taken to promote a culture of honesty with their customers, you have to be prepared to be honest with your customers at all times.

Be Transparent in How You Do Business

From making sales calls to placing contract employees to handling employee issues, your processes are part of how you do business. You need to be transparent with your processes if you want to nurture relationships that last. Hiding information on how you operate your firm is bad for business and something that your customers should not experience. Invite your customers to learn more about your process. This is particularly useful when problems occur. You could even open up your offices for customers to come in, meet the team, and see how your business works.

“Transparency in our processes and daily operations is another element that builds trust and respect from our clients,” Quintin says when discussing what makes Debbie’s Staffing successful.  Debbie’s Staffing has proven that the combination of honesty and transparency when working with your customers is a vital part of building a relationship that continues for the long term.

Make Yourself Available to Your Customers

There are times in the relationship when customers won’t need to speak with you much and there are times when customers will need to speak with you urgently. If you want your customer relationships to last, your staffing firm needs to be open to communicating with the customer at all times. Depending on the need, your customer could want to speak with anyone from entry-level employees to the CEO.  At all levels of the organization, the team needs to make availability to the customer a top priority.

“From our CEO to our administrative assistant, everyone has a sense of urgency when it comes to communicating with our clients no matter how big or small the situation may be” says Quintin.  “Knowing that they do not have to jump through hoops to reach the right person at the right time shows how much we truly care.”

Encourage your staff to be available to your customers when they need them. You want your customers to know that they will be taken care of by your firm at all times.  By focusing on your customer’s needs, you can ensure that your firm is successful in building long-term relationships.

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