Building Long-Term Customer Relationships: A Q&A with Amy Bingham

In order to build long-term customer relationships, recruiters must develop the skills necessary for engaging and keeping customers in order for their staffing firm to thrive. From managing regular contact to asking the right questions of their customers, recruiters must be ready to develop and maintain business relationships for longevity.

Building Long-Term Customer Relationships: A Q&A with Amy Bingham

Amy Bingham

Amy Bingham, a twenty year staffing industry veteran and managing partner of Bingham Consulting, helps staffing and recruiting companies develop sales strategies for maximum growth potential. When asked about what it takes for recruiting firms to build long-term customer relationship, here is what she has to say.

Q: What are the biggest customer challenges recruiters are facing today? 

Finding talent!  There is a misconception on the part of buyers of staffing services that recruiting firms can magically make candidates appear where they themselves cannot.  With unemployment at 5% nationally and as low as 2% in some areas, the recruiting and staffing industry is scrambling to find candidates so as not to let their customers down.  Referrals are critical, as are creative recruiting methods beyond just post and wait.  Go where your candidates live, work, and play!

Q: Where do recruiters go wrong when it comes to building customer relationships?

What can they do to fix it?  In this highly transactional industry, we are good at selling new accounts and walking them right out our back door to a competitor simply because we weren’t paying attention.  A good touch plan that utilizes technology to help recruiters stay in front of hiring managers so they are present when a customer has a need is essential in building lasting relationships retained over time.

Q: What technology resources should recruiters use to maintain customer relationships? 

With the number of hiring managers a recruiter may be interacting with at any given point in time, a robust CRM is essential for enabling a recruiter to have routine customer contact. 

Q: Can you share a strategy every recruiter must use to build long-term customer relationships? 

Ask the right questions to clarify the job order – beyond just a job description.  Questions like “what are the attributes of the ideal hire for your team?” will generate meaningful input that helps a recruiter submit the best candidate and avoid a cultural misfit, which is the most frustrating reason to lose a deal.


Building long-term customer relationships is something that takes the right skills, technology, and strategy to succeed. Bond AdaptSuite staffing software helps recruiting firms build long-term customer relationships through powerful CRM, applicant tracking and management tools. Contact us today to schedule an AdaptSuite demo.