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  • The Top 15 Recruiting Experts to Follow on Twitter

    The Top 15 Recruiting Experts to Follow on Twitter Take the 20 percent of US adults who use Twitter, add in 9,100 tweets per second and that equals one great big pool of people, posts, advice and information. Recruiters hustling between candidate interviews, scouring responses from job board postings and contacting clients about new talent have limited time to check out their Twitter feeds. Those who hop on periodically can get valuable recruiting advice and insight from recruiting experts — if they know whom to follow. With that in... [more]
  • 5 Steps for Recruiting Firms’ Data Security Best Practices

    Data Security Best Practices for Your Recruiting Firm are Outlined in 5 Steps from the Bond Blog. 5 Questions for Staffing Agency Managers to Ask: Yes No Are my employees clear about data security best practices and do they follow those guidelines? Do my employees have strong passwords in place that include letters, numbers and symbols? Is my data encrypted for another layer of security? Is my agency data backed up regularly with an older version easily accessible in case of a damaging virus? Do my employees know to never use insecure... [more]
  • 5 Tips For Making a Recruiting Video that Works

    recruiting videos YouTube’s popularity is reflected in its more than 1 billion unique users each month, with 100 hours of video uploaded every single minute. Thanks to that vast audience pool, videos can boost companies’ visibility and, when used correctly, be a compelling way to tell your staffing business’ story. How can staffing firms create recruiting video content that stands out in the throng and generates value for your business? We looked at three killer recruiting videos, analyzed what makes... [more]
  • Recruiting Software: Envision the Final Frontier

    Recruiting Software: Envision the Final Frontier “There’s nothing wrong with the bloody thing!” Scotty so famously told Spock (numerous times) in response to his emotionless inquiries regarding the warp drive. And that’s how many of us feel today. Leave us alone. Our recruiting software is just fine. Well, maybe so, for today’s needs. But what kind of industry leader would Bond be if we didn’t dare to explore a future world of recruiting technology that not only keeps up with, but takes us beyond the “final” frontier of... [more]
  • Master the Language of Social Recruiting and Staffing

    Master the Language of Social Recruiting and Staffing 5 Key Lessons to Fluency Savvy travelers who plan extended visits to foreign countries have learned that the best experiences are presented when they assimilate with the locals. So they immerse themselves as much as they can in both the language and culture. Social staffing and recruiting can feel like “a new land” for many of us. It represents a language many of us strive to master. The good news is that learning social recruiting is far easier than mastering a new language. Tour... [more]