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  • Is The Facebook Job Board The End Of Staffing As We Know It?

    Is The Facebook Job Board The End Of Staffing As We Know It? REM sings “It’s the End of the World as We Know It.” Depending upon whom you ask, it’s an appropriate song for both staffing agencies slow to adapt to social media, and competing social platforms, to listen to while pondering the recent launch of Facebook’s new job board, the Social Jobs Partnership. For most agencies, the adoption of social media – in some capacity – is already part of staffing efforts.  The Social Jobs Partnership will likely have only moderate impact, as... [more]
  • Stop The Syncing – 5 Steps to Unplugging This Holiday Season

    Are you a slave to your mobile device? I usually get a little sentimental around this time of year. I think about the days of having just one phone in the house, that was attached to the wall. My mother bought an egg timer to try and cut down on how long we would spend chatting with school friends we had just seen not 30 minutes prior in class. Moving in to adulthood, I swore off getting a cell phone for years. Why did someone need to get in touch with me no matter where I was? Why did I need to make myself that accessible I... [more]
  • Webinar Invitation: Grow Your Staffing Agency With Blogging

    Webinar Invitation: Grow Your Staffing Agency With Blogging It still amazes me that some staffing agencies are not taking full advantage of powerful relationship building tools that are readily available, easy to use – and best of all – free. Next week, my company will be hosting the webinar, The Nuts & Bolts of Blogging to Grow Your Staffing Company, presented by award-winning news, social media, PR and communications professional Susan Young. Susan brings over 26 years of experience as the leader of her company, Get in Front... [more]
  • 5 Ways Health Reform Can Benefit Your Staffing Agency

    5 Ways Health Reform Can Benefit Your Staffing Agency There have been countless articles on healthcare reform and how it impacts your staffing agency.  Reading through each of these posts can leave the waters a bit murkier in terms of exactly what the impact is going to be. What we do know is that healthcare reform isn’t going anywhere with the reelection of President Obama.  Starting in January 2014, employers will have to offer qualified health insurance to full-time employees or pay penalties, estimated at $2K per employee.  Staffing... [more]
  • 10 Tips to Writing Powerful Blog Posts

    Susan Young on blogging for staffing and recruiting companies By Guest Blogger: Susan Young According to Numberof.net, there are 133 million blogs. I’ll take their word on that. In fact, the number has probably jumped since you read this! It's amazing to think so many people have so much to say. One of the greatest challenges I hear from professionals in recruiting, staffing, and HR is that they don't know what to write, so they do nothing. It's not much fun being stuck or afraid.  Blogs are vital to growing your name recognition, brand, and... [more]