Close More Recruiting Sales Deals: Can You Answer These 14 Questions?

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Your Recruiting Sales Tactics Must Address Critical Prospect QuestionsYou’re up next. Past experience reminds you that every sales call is like getting up to speak in front of strangers, a job interview, or a date. You know that your agency is a great fit. But still, there’s that touch of anxiety – do you have the right answers to the questions you know you’ll be asked?

When selling your team’s ability to find and place top quality talent, there’s plenty at stake. Your task is to convince your potential client that your agency is the staffing and recruiting agency they seek. In fact, your agency is the one they need.

To earn the opportunity for your firm to find and place talent your sales tactics must include being able to answer tough sales questions. Here are some you may face:

Question #1: Are you saying HR isn’t up to the job? My sister works in HR.

A: Your HR department has plenty on its plate. Using a firm like ours puts recruiting and staffing specialists on the search function and frees HR to focus on internal operations.

Question #2: What have I got to lose by giving HR first shot at filling open positions?

A: First, with other tasks pressing, HR might be inclined to accept a less qualified candidate just to get the position filled. Second, HR may simply be unable to find suitable candidates, leaving positions open for too long and ultimately hindering company operations.

Question #3: Do you discount your fees?

A: Discounting wouldn’t benefit us or you because there’s no right price for the wrong employee. You don’t pay our fee until we fill a position. And ultimately you’ll determine whether our fee is justified.

Question #4: We’ve worked with staffing agencies that have thrown candidates at us. How can I be sure that won’t happen with your company?

A: Knowing the nuances of your business, culture, and candidate requirements increases the likelihood that the candidate we present to you will be hired. So our recruiters value spending time with your hiring managers. Meetings like this enable them to get a true picture of the open job. Bottom line: no fit, no hire, no fee is the motivator for us to find you a perfect candidate.

Question #5: How much attention can we expect your recruiters to allocate to our hiring needs?

 A: We know that it’s far easier to retain a client by providing excellent service than to find a new one. So the answer is that our recruiters spend as much time as is needed to fill your jobs. We have every incentive to serve you well and establish a long-term strategic partnership.

Question #6: How do you go about building that strategic partnership?

A: We know that most of our clients will have ongoing staffing needs. Understanding your company, its cycles, and its processes helps our recruiters anticipate those needs and be prepared to meet them quickly and effectively, which benefits both you and us.

Question #7: How much experience do you have in our field?

A: Hopefully, the answer is “lots,” which is why it makes sense to specialize and be able to offer a positive answer to this question.

Question #8: Can you offer references?

A: Yes! (Eyes are firmly locked without a single drop of sweat.)

Question #9: What can I do to help your team of recruiters to bring us the best candidates?

A: You can provide detailed job descriptions with input from the managers who will hire and oversee the employee. Job titles don’t say as much about your requirements as a concise list of specific skills and desired output.

Question #10: What kind of candidate screening do your recruiters do?

A: What kinds of screening do you require? Our recruiters verify education and experience. If needed, we can perform background checks and even coordinate drug screening.

Question #11: Can your recruiters find candidates in areas in which the candidate pool is limited?

A: Our recruiters use tools that give us access to both active jobseekers and passive candidates who are currently employed, sometimes in very specialized areas. Will you offer a relocation package?

Question #12: Will your recruiters keep my search confidential?

A: Our recruiters will certainly leverage their networks to uncover unknown candidates. That said, we have as much to gain as you by keeping a search confidential. So rest assured that our recruiters can perform a search in complete privacy.

Question #13: How can I reach you?

A: How do you best like to communicate? And let me leave this proposal with you so that the next time we speak we can review any outstanding questions.

Question #14: Where do I sign?

A: And there it is, the question you’ve been waiting for.

The last thing you hear is, “You’ll be hearing from us.”

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