Engaging Top Talent through Personal Communication

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With top talent comes top responsibility.Engaging Top Talent

No, that isn’t a line from Spider-Man. When it comes to attracting top talent, you have to assume there is a level of responsibility on your part as a recruiter to make the talent know how valuable they are. You not only want to attract the candidate to your firm, you want to retain them for as long as you can.

In our latest eBook 5 Tips on Attracting and Retaining Top Talent, we offer suggestions on how to excel including through personal communication. Personal communication between you and the candidate is an incredibly important part of the process; you want to be up-front and honest with candidates about what is expected of them, and in turn you want them to continue a stream of conversation that ensures they are engaged with your staffing firm.

In order to maximize the potential of personal communication between you and your candidate, here are 4 insightful tips that should help you attract and retain top talent.

  1. Keep Communication Constant

You should remain actively engaged with a candidate at all times. Candidates need to know where they stand with your staffing and recruiting agency.  This includes communicating during the recruiting process and while the candidate is on assignment or has been hired full-time. Following up with candidates is a critical aspect of the recruiting process, and one you should take to heart if you hope to land top talent.

The right staffing software allows you the ability to set up automatic email notifications and tasks to remind you to keep in constant contact with your candidates. Leveraging this software affords you the benefit of keeping dialogue constant with the candidate and strengthens collaboration between teams within your firm further improving the candidate experience. By setting up automatic e-mail notifications, delivering timed responses and informing team members of all collaborative decisions, you keep communication open with the candidate and cement your firm as a priority to new and existing talent.

  1. Don’t Rely on Technology (Completely)

When engaging with top talent, you don’t want to rely completely on technology to reach out in regards to the recruiting process. Sure, timely emails are great when it comes to keeping communications open, but a phone call is just as important to a candidate. You have to find a balance between using technology to engage a candidate and going the extra mile with a personal touch to communication.

Recruiter.com finds that while candidates prefer to speak in person during the hiring process, they still use technology to find jobs. Utilize the power of LinkedIn and other social media outlets to engage with candidates during the job hunting process, but provide a phone call if you want to engage them during the recruitment process. Finding the balance between personal communication and technology will allow you to successfully engage with candidates.

  1. Add a Personal Touch

There is some truth to the fact that it is the candidate that holds more power during the recruiting process. Candidates want to feel wanted by your organization, and as their recruiter you should turn any opportunity to communicate into a conversation about their needs. In order to cater towards a candidate’s needs, you need to include a personal touch in all communication you have as a recruiter.

When you communicate with the candidate, include a personal touch in each email or phone call you have. If a candidate mentions in an email that they are going out of town, wish them safe travels in a follow-up email. If you have an initial interview over the phone, turn the phone call into a conversation about the candidate, not just the job position. When you show a candidate that you are listening to them and their needs, you increase your relevancy to them during the recruiting process.

  1. Create Open Dialogue between Teams

Company culture is a critical part of retaining any employee. Whether it is the candidate you just recruited or the employee that has been at your staffing firm for a majority of their career, you want everyone involved in your firm to be involved with each other. A positive work environment that promotes open communication is one that effectively recruits and retains top talent.

A recent article from Inc. Magazine highlights that “by forging strong relationships and communication channels… you’ll be more likely to retain your top talent.” Communication must be clear and open between teams; strong relationships are built by those who know what is expected of them and can speak up when they have insight and suggestions to offer. Creating open dialogue between teams of your staffing firm showcases to candidates that their feedback and ideas are valued.

Personal communication lays the groundwork for the success of engaging and retaining top talent. If you want to discover more about personal communication and other great tips on recruiting top talent, download our latest eBook today.

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