How Customer Service Benefits the Recruiting Process of an Innovative Company

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Customer Service Benefits the Recruiting Process of an Innovative CompanyThe recruiting process of any staffing firm relies on a number of factors. Whether it is talent selection or managerial decision-making, what you do with your time during the recruiting process is key to landing the right talent.

Inavero’s Best of Staffing award winners are prime examples of companies that maximize their success during the recruiting process. Ann Medalia, VP of Branch Operations for Best of Staffing Diamond Award winner TERRA Staffing Group, recently participated in a webinar focused on what best of staffing winners do differently. The webinar focused on how the best staffing companies build their recruiting process and how they invest in the right talent.

If you want to learn how customer service benefits the recruiting process of an innovative company, follow the best practices of TERRA Staffing Group and learn what it takes to be one of the best staffing firms out there.

Set Expectations

The talent pool is not as large as it has been in the past making it sometimes difficult to find talent. Best of Staffing winners are working with the same talent pool as other staffing firms, but there is a different approach they are taking with clients during this time. TERRA sets expectations with clients before they even begin to fill a job order, so that the client understands the recruiting process and the challenges the recruiter expects to face.

“We’re not yes people,” Ann says in the webinar. “We have interactive dialogue in setting really clear expectations with the client on what we can do and what we can’t do.” Expectations have to be set from the beginning; otherwise, you could find yourself making promises to fill a job and you can’t deliver on it. When you don’t deliver, the client is unsatisfied. If you set clear expectations upfront, then the client understands that you may not be able to fill the job. If you share with the client, the process you followed and the challenges you met along the way, the client credits you for the effort.

Monitor Satisfaction and Address Concerns

Even Best of Staffing winners sometimes have low satisfaction scores. One of the keys to staying an innovative company is to constantly monitor client satisfaction levels and client feedback. If you monitor satisfaction regularly, then you can quickly see drops in satisfaction levels and dive deeper into the feedback to find the problem.

TERRA Staffing Group had to overcome a hurdle in 2015 where their client NPS (Net Promoter Score) had fallen from the previous years. They analyzed client feedback and uncovered that lower client satisfaction levels related to times when TERRA had difficulty filling a job.  In response, they implemented a training program with their offices that covered communication with clients in those situations when they could not fill an order. “We gave our branch teams the power…to talk to their clients” says Ann. By doing so, TERRA was able to increase their NPS and recapture their client satisfaction.

Monitor satisfaction and address concerns so that you can offer solutions to better your recruiting process.

Care about Your Candidates

In order to have a really effective recruiting process, your staffing team has to care about what they are doing. Finding the right person for the job requires more than just picking up the phone or sending an email. There is an exponential amount of added value that comes from showing your candidates that you care about them and their needs.

When discussing what it takes to achieve consistently remarkable customer service to talent with different skillsets, expectations and job prospects, Ann says “If that person who comes in looking for a job feels like the staff member working with them really cares about them, it’s huge.” Your recruiting process can immediately benefit from paying close attention to the needs of your candidates. If you take the time to talk to them and learn about what they can and cannot do, you can find immediate benefit in the job orders you have available and the placement of the right candidate for the job. Even the people you don’t place will find value in working with your staffing firm again just by showing that you care.

There is a lot that can be learned from an innovative company like TERRA Staffing Group when it comes to the recruiting process of your staffing firm. To discover how recruiting software can further aid your recruiting process through applicant tracking, open communication with applicants and managing your job orders, contact Bond for a demo today.

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