Drive Sales and Recruiting Performance with a 2-In-1 Hybrid Laptop for Your On-The-Go Team

Posted by Bond Team | November 24, 2015 |

Everyone’s a “road warrior” today.

Improve staffing software recruiting and sales efficiency by leveraging high-performance 2-in1 laptops With mobile connectivity a given, staffing and recruiting sales professionals and recruiters can and do work effectively from anywhere at any time. Sure, a smart phone is great for checking email and texts or some business performance dashboards, but when you need to buckle down and get some real work done, you need something bigger, faster, and more capable, yet portable – so nothing beats a laptop.

That’s where the latest crop of high-performance 2-in-1 hybrid laptops come in. They offer business professionals the ability to use them as either a laptop or a touch-screen tablet. That versatility, supported by the new Windows 10 operating system, offers compelling reasons to consider them for your staffing and recruiting team who spend as much (or more) time out of the office as in it.

But first, let’s narrow down the growing list of 2-in-1 hybrid laptop contenders based on a few key criteria that makes them more suitable for staffing and recruiting business users. Here’s the key selection criteria we recommend:

With the basic standards determined, let’s look at what many technical reviewers consider to be the top hybrid 2-in-1 laptops available today. Any of these six should help your staffing and recruiting team get their job done more efficiently than the old laptop they may be lugging around now. Additionally, Bond does not endorse any specific hardware — giving you the freedom to choose. And don’t forget that pricing may be especially good as we near year-end!

While any of the above hybrid 2-in-1 laptop/tablets could be a great fit for you and your business team, you’ll want to spend some time testing before you make a buying decision. For example, you should determine how easy it is to use and type on, what kind of support and warranty is offered, how long the battery life might be under the conditions you’ll be using it, what kind of connectivity it has, and more. There are also sites that offer good, authoritative advice on buying business laptops that you can also check out, like C-Net, Laptop, and even Consumer Reports.

Finally, to find out how that new hybrid 2-in-1 laptop works with some world-class staffing and recruitment software, request an AdaptSuite demo.


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