Drive Staffing Agency Results with Real-Time Business Intelligence Reporting

Drive Staffing Agency Results with Business Intelligence SoftwareIf you’ve done any new car shopping in the past year or so, you’ve probably been a little amazed about how technology now informs every aspect of a car’s performance and interaction with its drivers and passengers. Today’s automotive information flow is incredibly sophisticated with backup cameras; lane departure warnings; door, trunk, and seatbelt notifications; fuel economy gauges and system status monitoring; built-in GPS and wireless, and more. There are even apps to monitor car maintenance and your driving habits.

All that information helps drivers, service centers, and the vehicles themselves make better decisions.

The same is true in business, particularly in a business like staffing that has lots of “moving parts” that include employers, jobs, candidates, resumes, interviews, calls, emails, commissions, regulations, and more. You could rely on instinct to fine-tune your operation. You could pore over spreadsheets and draft tables and graphs. But at a certain point, even the best educated guesswork and labor-intensive charting just won’t cut it.

You need real, accurate data including detailed reports and dashboards that let you easily manage recruiting calls, interviews, submissions, and placements

And, ideally, you want them presented quickly, in your preferred format, and without a lot of labor.

If you’re using a modern staffing software solution, the raw data is in there. Somewhere. The question is how you can get it out. If you have to dig for it, it’s no more useful than old-fashioned spreadsheets. And if it comes in a rigid, predetermined format it might be useful, but don’t step on the gas quite yet.

Just as the gauges on your car inform you of the health of your ride, a business intelligence reporting tool can pull a real-time dashboard and get the data you need at a moment’s notice, for example a candidate summary by:

  • Source
  • Availability
  • Status
  • How many recruits are attained by each branch

You likely will also want to drill-down for specific details with reports like:

  • Recruiter activities
  • Job order postings
  • Job order by account
  • Time to fill

How do you know when it’s time to change staffing software? Ask yourself these questions:

If your answer is “Hmmm, let me put it in park and think about that a moment” to any of the above questions, it’s likely time to start shopping for a 2016 model of staffing software.

You wouldn’t drive your car with mirrors covered, gauges taped over, or your GPS unplugged. Why try to run your business without 360° information on your own staff and operations, the candidates you place, and the hiring clients you serve? The data you need is probably somewhere in your staffing and recruiting management software solution. Make sure you have access to it, like yesterday!

If you don’t, arrange a Bond demo today.