From Table to Couch: Ease Your Holiday Stress with Staffing Software

Posted by Bond Team | November 17, 2015 |

Staffing Software is Sweet as PieI love Thanksgiving. And the Thanksgiving meal is unique among holiday traditions. It begins with a large helping of stress – meal preparation, family ups and downs, travel hassles, and deciding who sits at the kids’ table. Then it ends with relaxation so profound nothing but a heavy dose of football can keep us awake – maybe.

It might be a stretch, but how is staffing software like a Thanksgiving dinner? I thought you’d never ask.

The short answer is, like the Thanksgiving meal, staffing software takes your very stressful work (at a particularly stressful time of year) and makes it easier to handle.

The Main Dish

Just as turkey is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the centerpiece of your staffing software. Everything else either complements or needs to integrate with it.

Like tryptophan-rich turkey – tryptophan is the amino acid associated with relaxation and sleep – the ATS is a big-time stress buster. It manages all the emails, text messages, phone calls, and documents you need to juggle to keep all your candidates and orders in order. The ATS enables you to search an applicant database for qualifications like skills, education, or location, so you can quickly find the ideal candidate for a job. And maybe most importantly of all, it helps you prioritize the tasks that help generate revenue. 

The Side Choice

Bread, potatoes (mashed and sweet), green bean casserole, and stuffing are the go-with-everything sides. They may not get top billing, but it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without them. And everyone has their favorite – chestnut stuffing, yams with marshmallows, buns or biscuits. 

Within your ATS, Outlook email integration should be your favorite side. Knowing it will integrate fully with your staffing software, Outlook email integration helps control stress by letting you conveniently manage and document masses of correspondence with candidates and hiring managers, as well as schedule activities in the calendar.

The Festive Flair

Cranberry sauce is the “extra something” of Thanksgiving: a tangy sweet flavor you usually don’t associate with a savory main dish. It’s part of what makes the meal unique on Thanksgiving and special for days after.

While cranberry sauce is the extra something for a Thanksgiving meal, third party integration is the extra something for your staffing software. Being able to integrate with best-of-breed specialty applications heads off stress by empowering better, more streamlined practices – like easy access to social media for sourcing or background checking. And, like a no-fuss cranberry sauce, you want to integrate those capabilities without time-consuming customization to make disparate applications work as one.

The Sweet Stuff

And finally there’s—save room for it—pumpkin pie. Bought or baked, it marks the transition from the table and the big meal to the couch and the big game (or to the kitchen to start planning next year’s Thanksgiving).

In a staffing system, reports are dessert. Reporting gives you sweet insight into how the business is running, and automates the process of checking and planning your progress. Plus, there are countless different reports you can use to efficiently manage your operations in real time. This eliminates the stress that comes from wondering where you’ve been, and supports you as you fine tune future strategy. If that isn’t sweet as pumpkin pie, we don’t know what is.

So there’s the comparison, but while a big turkey dinner eases the stress of one holiday, your staffing software helps lessen stress all year long…and you won’t have to hit the gym to work it off.

To start de-stressing now, request an AdaptSuite demo and give our staffing software the taste test.

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