Expert Tips: How Recruiters Can Leverage Technology to Get Ahead

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Are you a “Power User?”

That’s the term used to describe those who are masters of their business technology. If you’re a power user, you don’t settle for using just the basics to get things done; you dig deep. And, by truly mastering your staffing software, you take advantage of all the ways in which it helps you reach your goals.

How can you become a power user? We asked staffing industry leaders to share insights on recruiting technology best practices that can help fill your funnel with prospective candidates. Their insights provide techniques and tips in the following areas:

Mike Lejeune, President of Simple Leadership, is a keynote and motivational speaker, executive coach, trainer, and author on leadership development, enhancing personal productivity, selecting game changing talent, and employee retention.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, President of Xceptional HR, is a consultant & strategic advisor for HR and recruiting technologies and startups, with a focus on marketing, strategy, and digital technology.

Investment in Technology

As tools and software drive the staffing world forward, “Recruiters that don’t marry technology are way behind the eight ball. You have to invest in technology by consistently growing your knowledge of tools and evaluating your capabilities. If you don’t, technology can become a weight rather than a resource,” said Lejeune.

“In most cases, it is not the technology that is failing, but the effectiveness with which you are using the tool,” touted Lejeune. For recruiters, a commitment to the use of technology is key. It allows for efficiencies in everyday workflow and inhibits your desire to look for greener pastures by chasing all the newest software.

The time spent jumping around, learning every new tool available, could be better used to master your current solution. Invest in what is already at your disposal. Spend the time and effort – or get the training – to learn the time-and-effort-saving methods or techniques that can help you become a master.  

Candidate Searching Technique

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins. 

The use of recruiting tools to source candidates for challenging positions requires a commitment to learning the technology and implementing multi-faceted talent acquisition strategies.   

Underutilization of sourcing software often leads to bias and the engagement of only one pool of talent for a position, hindering the diversity in experience and thought that could land you a higher caliber hire.

“When looking for candidates, a two pronged approach can provide the best results,” says Miller-Merrell. “Coupling proactive sourcing with a promotional strategy of content and networking events can attract those hidden gem candidates.”

An all-encompassing staffing software can help organize your two-pronged recruiting workflow. It can jumpstart your sourcing efforts and increase your efficiency through automation of email outreach, documentation of candidate contact, and effective call list management.

Tools to Find the Best Talent

Recruiting tools and staffing software can make life a lot easier. From unified messaging to candidate management and reporting, they help us work more efficiently.

Miller-Merrell encourages the use of recruiting tools in streamlining your candidate search process: “The branding and optimization of your content helps candidates find you and apply for positions of interest.”

But only a basic level of understanding won’t cut it if you’re aiming to outperform the competition. Expertise is needed to set you apart.

Take LinkedIn, for example. It is a mainstay in the arsenal of staffing tools, but is underutilized by most recruiters. According to Lejeune, “You need to become a master at mining your LinkedIn database, conducting Boolean searches and learning the folder capabilities for effective time management.”

This mastery of recruiting tools, including staffing software, happens by becoming a student of the technology. Taking tutorials is one great way to start learning how to better leverage tools, saving you valuable time so you can focus on being a top notch recruiter.

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