Extreme Networking Tips from Rock Star Recruiters

Extreme Networking Tips from Rock Star RecruitersThe recruiting process for any company, no matter the size, is dependent on its people and the skills they can bring to the table. With a candidate shortage market that is both competitive and time-consuming, your recruiters have to be ready to call upon their skills to engage and recruit top talent for the success of your firm.

How recruiters network is one of the most influential ways to engage with top talent. You need to listen to your peers and see what some of the top recruiters in the business are talking about.  From the candidate experience to social recruiting, here are some extreme networking tips from some of the industry’s rock star recruiters.

The Candidate Experience

First impressions count. By approaching candidates in the right way, you’ll be able to make your employer brand shine, while getting a better caliber of candidates applying to your jobs.

Rebecca Macek – Director of Recruitment, CareerBuilder

Referrals are critical, as are creative recruiting methods beyond just post and wait.  Go where your candidates live, work, and play!

Amy Bingham – Managing Partner, Bingham Consulting

Your recruiters should know how to use their network to find passive candidates, but they should also know how to present your job opening to them. Dealing with passive candidates requires a specific kind of approach that is not overly aggressive yet still sufficiently conveys the benefits of the position.

Meghan M. Biro – Founder & CEO, TalentCulture

No technology out there can replace a handshake; no algorithm can replace the highly personal art of talent acquisition, only the science of recruiting.

Matt Charney – Managing Editor, Recruiting Daily, LLC

The Advantages of Social Recruiting

Social media is about reach. Social selling is about relationships.

Jill Rowley – Social Selling Evangelist

Make your social profiles a fountain of insights and helpful resources for your target prospects and you’ll build up goodwill that in time becomes trust.

Tony Restell – Founder, Social-Hire.com

LinkedIn Groups attract some of the most influential people in any particular space. If you are focusing on a niche, become part of the discussion, providing career advice where you can or sharing interesting articles.

Paul Slezak – Cofounder, RecruitLoop

If you want to make sure you’re getting in front of someone, be sure to have several options to reach out to them — email, phone number, SMS, paid advertising, and social media profiles are common.

Michael Overell – Cofounder, RecruitLoop

Personal Branding

Hiring managers who regularly share information about themselves, their company and the great things their teams are doing will help candidates learn more about what it’s really like working with them and their teams, and if the hiring managers are strong role models they can learn from and work for.

Will Staney – Founder, Proactive Talent

When you build your brand around being a certain type of recruiter, and establish what you’re known for, you’re showcasing to potential employers that you are the person for the job when they’re looking for their next recruiter.

Samantha Mick – Director of Recruiter Services, CAREEREALISM

If people know who you are, they’ll find you – which makes recruiting a whole lot easier. The value of a recruiter with a strong personal brand is pretty much priceless.

Will Thompson – Founder, Bulls Eye Recruiting

It is critical to brand yourself properly in today’s digital age, whether you are a job-seeker, recruiter or an entrepreneur. You are not a person/individual -you are a brand.

Stacy Zapar – Founder, TenFold Recruiting

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