Make Your Staffing Agency a Favorite Among the Millennial Workforce

The millennial workforce continues to be a hot topic among staffing agencies as companies strive to make changes to hire and retain this elusive talent pool. By 2020, it’s estimated that over 50% of the workforce will fall within the millennial generation. As staffing agencies, there is little control over the job orders from customers to entice millennials, but current research gives insight on how staffing agencies can position themselves as the most desirable choice. At Bond’s 2016 User Meeting conference, Jim Lanzalotto, SVP of Staffing and Healthcare Vertical at Monster, shared data on millennials to provide insight on attracting, recruiting, hiring and retaining the age group that is reshaping the way companies approach developing their culture and work practices. Stay ahead of the competition by utilizing the data we obtained from Jim Lanzalotto’s presentation on the millennial workforce to attract and retain talent for your agency—

Millennials Want:

Work Flexibility and Control

Millennials love to be in control of their work, which is why freelance opportunities and temporary assignments make staffing agencies a desirable option for income. This presents an opportunity for staffing sales teams to build up business for 1-day assignments for continuous short-term opportunities. One-day assignments are often seen as not worth pursing, however revolving short-term job orders and a well-managed talent pipeline makes for a promising, revenue-generating combination. The opportunity for developing on-demand talent for short notice orders keeps your agency positioned as reliable among customers and flexible and ideal for hard-to-please millennials.


Most people aren’t surprised to learn that the millennial workforce is glued to their phones. On average, millennials can be expected to check their phone 43 times a day. The more processes that candidates and temporary employees can complete on their phones, the better prepared agencies will be to keep up with mobile technology sweeping the staffing industry. Your ATS software should not only be able to help recruiters communicate via text message, but also complete critical hiring functions like onboarding. 65% of millennials say losing their phone would be worse than losing their car. Be sure your business takes advantage of catering to a mobile-obsessed society!


The millennial workforce likes to make the world a better place. 81% have donated time and/or money toward social change and a big motivational factor in finding opportunities is whether or not their role is perceived as contributing to a noble cause. Maybe the job orders you recruit for are hard to position as contributing to “the greater good” of society. But your staffing agency can provide opportunities for temporary workers to be charitable and feel part of an organization dedicated to social responsibility. Look for ways to help your local community and invite your millennial workforce to be part those efforts.

The millennial workforce continues to challenge organizations to rethink how they hire and retain talent. By capitalizing on the needs and wants of this generation, your staffing agency will be in a better place to attract talent and increase brand recognition.  Does your ATS software help make hiring processes quick and easy with mobile capabilities? If not be sure to  schedule a demo with us today!