Five Best Practices to Fill More Job Orders

It’s not uncommon for staffing recruiters to have their own productivity style to fill more job orders. Although there might be operational recruiting processes in place, employees still have their own way of doing things when it comes to staying organized and interacting with others. One person might write everything down religiously while another team member handles information through an elaborate email folder system. Regardless of work style, at the end of the day job orders need to be filled as quickly as possible. Here are our five best practice to ensure recruiters fill more job orders:

Communicate thoroughly

Communication goes a long way with candidates. Contingent workers want as much information as possible on employment opportunities. By providing detailed information, the probability of turn over decreases because the employee feels prepared for the assignment. Without turn over, more time can be spent on other orders rather than backfilling.

Keep up with technology

Every day technology brings more tools specifically developed for staffing agencies. These tools help staffing professionals save time and increase revenues. While it may be hard to abandon processes that have worked for you in the past, challenge yourself to learn new technologies to become more efficient and productive.

Ask clients for feedback–always.

Not all hiring managers provide feedback on rejected resumes. Regularly requesting feedback from hiring managers will give insight into which skills and cultural fits clients need. Be sure to specify to the client you are asking for feedback so you are better equipped to find the best possible employee. The feedback is especially important for future orders to avoid submitting unqualified resumes or scheduling interviews destined for failure. If a hiring manager is unresponsive to emails, try phone calls.

Begin with your internal database

If you have a database filled with resumes and candidate profiles, use it as your first resource for filling orders. Not only is it cost-effective, but you are tapping into a source of talent who is aware of your brand and has expressed interest in working with your company. Contacting these individuals allow you to keep your data up-to-date on who is available for work and provides referral opportunities for building pipelines.  

Work on skills marketing

If your goal is to bill for more permanent placement fees, practicing skills marketing is a great strategy. When you have a temporary employee you think would make a great addition to a particular client’s business, send the candidate’s well-crafted resume along with a summary paragraph highlighting the specific value he or she has to offer. Include unique attributes that make this candidate a good fit for the organization; style, communication skills and personality can’t be communicated through a resume. Clients looking for the right cultural fit will find this especially helpful. This positions you as someone who understands their business and delivers just the right candidates. You’ll be welcomed more as a resource. You’ll also reap the benefits of increasing your client retention rate.  

Executing the above tips can be done with just a few clicks using the right recruiting software. Interested in exploring other software options to fill more job orders? Schedule a demo with us today!