Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Recruiting or Staffing Software

Posted by Bond Team | March 20, 2012 |

For some staffing and recruiting firms, the thought of going through a software upgrade causes an anxiety attack. After all, you’ve invested a lot into the software you have now, you and your team are familiar with it, and you know that change may be painful. So why change?

The short reason is that the upgrade will be good for you and the profitability and the performance of your business. But let’s go into a little more detail. There are five major reasons why staffing software developers like Bond International Software develops an upgrade, all of which relate to improving your ability to work more profitably.

First, your software should mature in its capabilities and value to your business. Here’s an example: what part of your recruiting and staffing business hasn’t been impacted by the rise of social media in the past few years? To address these and other market dynamics, your business will change in how it works with customers, candidates, and the market. Changes in any of these probably require software upgrades that add new functionality or features. For example, Bond US staffing and recruiting software has added social media capabilities to address this change in how candidates and customers communicate. These enable you to deliver better service, remain competitive with the marketplace and improve your operating efficiency.

Second, you can never have enough performance. Your software’s flexibility, speed, reliability, scalability and other factors that affect productivity within your business operations are always targets for software improvement. Upgrades that use new software or hardware technologies can greatly increase the performance of your staff and your business. In this area, Bond International Software can leverage its unmatched development resources to offer you a solution that is constantly improving.

Third, compatibility with your shifting business needs and other technologies often requires software upgrades. A good example of this is the need for code changes to enable your software to work with the latest tax updates for payroll or to extend the capabilities of your recruiting or staffing software with an integration to a third-party software that offers a useful, but non-critical functionality.

Fourth, upgrades can make your life easier. Usability – how easy it is to get work done within the software – can only be improved with study of user interactions over time. Bond International Software has made a fine art of this over its nearly 40 years of experience. Working with some 100,000 user worldwide, observing how staffing and recruiting professionals like you use the software, we find ways to simplify its use. The resulting upgrades will have a more appealing, streamlined and intuitive user interface, helping you accomplish more with less effort.

Fifth, we want to fix the bugs. Software development is both art and science. And developing software is a complex task, so no software is error free. As part of its constant process of improvement and maintenance, Bond International Software actively seeks feedback on its recruiting and staffing software from users, as well as looking deep within the code ourselves. We seek out and correct errors and defects that have a significant impact on performance, usability, reliability, etc.

At the end of the day, the benefits to you to upgrade your staffing and recruiting software can be likened to putting your business through a fitness program that improves your strength, flexibility, reliability and ability to perform at a higher level every day.

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