Five Recruitment CRM Software Tips to Improve Staffing Sales

Your staffing and recruiting agency can’t grow without landing staffing sales, but your recruitment CRM software can be the backbone of a successful sales process. There’s a lot more to selling than just simply smiling and dialing. Staffing sales professionals want to build relationships and show their agency’s value to an organization with staffing and recruiting needs. There are several sales techniques to increase sales close rates, but leveraging your CRM software for success can minimize efforts for time consuming tasks:

Stay Organized with a one-screen interface 

To prevent follow-up calls with prospects from falling through the cracks, organization of your sales process is a big key in driving close rates. A user-friendly interface that allows you to do your CRM for Staffing Sales 1job all within one screen in your recruitment CRM software will make it simple to keep track of new and existing opportunities. You’ll want data of call logs, client visits, conversation notes and everything you need to know to build on new and existing client relationships within a few clicks. Saved time makes room for more selling. 

Use contact tracking tools to develop relationships

Developing relationships is an essential part of the sales process to develop trust. Your CRM tool should be able to help with that. Prospects want to do business with people who understand their business to give them the best results. By utilizing the contact tracking feature of your CRM system, view opportunities to reach out to contacts you haven’t talked to recently to showcase your understanding of their industry and refer back to previous conversations. For example,

“Hi Pat, I came across this article about monitoring call center metrics which reminded me of a comment you made a few weeks ago about outbound call volume. I thought you might find the statistics interesting.”

Utilize CRM mobile capabilities

CRM for Staffing Sales 2In sales you are constantly on the go, so your recruitment CRM software should be anywhere that you need it. Before meeting with a client, you can quickly go over conversation history and their company information. Schedule meetings anytime, anywhere when your contact tracking system easily syncs with Outlook. Keep on track with your goals to easily and instantly view current priorities, how many outgoing calls have been made and the amount of emails you have sent within a week to track your metrics. 

Use top performing candidates as a selling point

A recruitment CRM software that will give your business an advantage will unify your sales and recruitment teams. The sales team has the opportunity to help recruiters place their benched CRM for Staffing Sales 3pipeline candidates and close sales by utilizing agency’s top temporary employees. By having quality resumes to show prospect hiring managers and providing stories of success, you gain an upper hand by showing and telling a story of how your agency’s top talent will help fulfill your prospects’ staffing needs. You and your recruiters will stand out as a solid choice as a staffing provider by demonstrating a proactive approach within your business. 

Nurture former and existing clients

Reestablishing a lost connection and upselling to existing clients is a great way to potentially help add to your sales forecast reports, especially for the sales newbies that have yet to establish relationships. To effectively succeed at it, referencing historical data should be simple and provide in-depth insights for talking points to help connect with a client. Going over previously placed candidates on assignments can lead into conversations about sourcing employees for cultural fits or when to expect a client’s busiest season for high staffing needs.

A recruitment CRM software should save time for staffing sales professionals to meet prospecting metrics while spending less time locating needed information.  Your sales process is only as good as your CRM software, so be sure yours is considered a system your sales team can’t live without.