Focus on Retention Right from the Start

In today’s market, a candidate has many options for positions and assignments. Because of low unemployment rates, if the candidate isn’t working for you, then they are working for someone else. The candidate experience begins when they first apply for a position. However, one of the most critical times for candidate satisfaction comes when they start an assignment. During this stage, it is important to operate with new employee retention in mind.  This ensures success on their assignment and eagerness to continue with you after their assignment has ended.

Convenient Paperless Onboarding

The first factor of the candidate experience is their onboarding experience with your staffing agency. When starting a new assignment, an employee has New Employee Retentiona number of new forms to complete. Sometimes it is a dauntingly high number of forms including everything from state and federal forms to company guidelines and safety policies. This mountain of paperwork leads to frustration and hand cramps when you require them to come into the staffing branch for a few hours to fill out paperwork. It also makes it difficult if the onboarding process delays the employee’s start. This creates an unhappy client on the employee’s first assignment. As the employer, you focus on ensuring all forms are completed properly, but don’t let that focus take your mind off new employee retention and satisfaction.

Today’s technology allows you to onboard new employees at their convenience while achieving compliance for the staffing firm. All onboarding forms can be accessed electronically from the candidate’s computer, tablet, or mobile device. The forms can be pre-populated with information previously supplied to the staffing agency through an application or resume. Electronic signature enables the candidate to complete the entire process from the comfort of their home well in advance of their first assignment. If your onboarding process lacks this convenience, then move to one that does. Check out our latest ebook, Best Practices for Automating Your Onboarding, for suggestions on a complete approach and sign up to be one of the first to see AdaptSuite Compass, Bond’s new onboarding solution.

Prepare Them for the Assignment

The second factor of the candidate experience is their experience during the first few days of the new assignment. The beginning of a new assignment with a new company can be a stressful time. This time plays a large role in satisfaction and the desire to have future assignments with your staffing agency. In a recent American Staffing Association webinar, Inavero presented the results of their study on factors affecting new employee retention and satisfaction at the beginning of an assignment

new employee retentionThe survey found that satisfaction scores increased by 44% if the position was accurately described to the candidate during the placement process. Nobody likes surprises especially a new hire asked to perform job duties that were not discussed previously. Perform your due diligence with the client to ensure that all job duties are accurately included in the job description. Thoroughly review the job description with the candidate before the offer. Everyone should have a clear understanding of the position before the first day.

The survey also found that satisfaction scores increased by 61% when the new hire had the materials needed to be successful on the new assignment. This is a clear way to sharply increase satisfaction and in turn, retention. The materials for success is a broad description that can include everything from equipment to company policies. The challenge for the staffing agency comes in ensuring that the client has a strong focus on this as well. Ahead of the assignment start, talk to the client to review the materials the candidate will need. Plan whether the materials will be handled by either the staffing agency or the client. This extra step helps guarantee the candidate has what they need on day 1.

Those first few experiences for a new hire are critical to their satisfaction and retention with your staffing agency. If you can leverage technology for a smooth onboarding experience and work with the client to prepare them for the assignment, your candidate has a positive impression and a desire to continue with your staffing agency.