Cut the Friction in Your Workflows - Go Paperless with Staffing Software

Posted by Bond Team | January 5, 2016 |

Remove the paper overload with staffing softwarefric·tion
[frikshuh n]
noun: friction

  1. resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another, either keeping objects from moving or turning energy into waste heat.
  2. any process that removes energy from a system over time.

One of the most effective materials ever found for draining energy from a business is paper – yep, plain old 500-sheets-to-a-ream paper. Sure, it can be an effective way of collecting, storing, and transmitting information, but its handling can be nightmarishly time- and energy-consuming even when everything goes perfectly.

Pull yourself out of a sea of paper with staffing softwareUnfortunately your temporary staffing agency has a NEED for lots of documents. Resumes, time cards, job applications, onboarding documents, client and employee contracts, government-mandated reports and forms, and on it goes. And heaven forbid you lose one of those needed documents if a government agency knocks on your door. In a document-dependent business like staffing, effectively managing documents and papers related to workflow processes is a daunting goal.

Considering the astonishing costs related to the inefficiencies related to paper, it’s no surprise staffing and recruiting firms are endeavoring to go paperless. Staffing agencies like yours can save significant dollars eliminating paper, printers and ink, not to mention employees’ time.

The ultimate solution for staffing firms is simple; an upgrade to staffing software that interfaces with an electronic forms management package. Together they help streamline the entire process of simplifying collection, storage, and retrieval of information (and save a forest of trees).

Imagine these benefits:

For management:

Also imagine ACA compliance at your fingertips. We all know that it’s crucial for recruiting firms to process required insurance paperwork. Rather than requiring candidates and clients to fill out cumbersome paper forms, paperless office solutions make the process simpler and faster.

For sales:

And just know that if your customers require specific onboarding documents or processes, your staffing software should be able to offer custom onboarding workflows for that specific process.

For recruiting:

Imagine knowing that all paperwork and forms – especially those verifying certification – are completed before a candidate is assigned to a job order. Staffing software that interfaces with electronic forms management streamline certification verification without paper flow.

For payroll/billing:

Imagine no longer having to wait for candidates to come to you to fill out paperwork, mail forms and wait for them to be mailed back. The process of getting temporary employees to work is condensed to minutes rather than hours or days without our old friend paper.

Flexible staffing software will let you define your own workflows. And with the integration of paperless document management you can turn the friction of “Let me see if I can find that” to “Here it is.”


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