How Employers Can Stand Out At Job Fairs

Attending a job fair as an employer can be a great sourcing strategy to meet candidates for an immediate prescreen interview. The attendees are actively seeking employment opportunities in the same building as you instead of cold-calling, and the events are always an excellent chance for increasing brand awareness of your business as well. Chances are there are lots of other employers at the job fair competing with you for resumes. Since job fairs consume a lot of time and effort from your branch’s staff, you’ll definitely want to make the experience effective and see a return on the monetary and time investments. With the right strategy and approach, job fairs can be a jackpot for potential candidates and even referrals.  

Eye-catching booth

stand out at job fair 2The overall goal in designing your table is to draw faces into looking toward your direction so you can break the ice and invite them over for a conversation. Having an eye-catching booth can do just that. There’s a fine line between decorating a job fair table that looks cluttered with materials or the other extreme of bare minimalism. Put effort into your job fair space, but go a few steps beyond just a tablecloth and branded pens. Visit your local Dollar Store and purchase inexpensive jars, buckets and other decorative containers to draw eyes to your promotional items. A couple of simple balloons could show enthusiasm, or showcasing a few photos of candidates enjoying their assignments can give positive perception of the great work cultures your agency provides.

 Printed materials of job openings

Fliers and brochures will help keep your business in the minds of several candidates after the event is over. Even if you do not have opportunities that match with some attendees’ backgrounds or interests, consider it a marketing opportunity for their personal networks gaining exposure to you through word of mouth. Ask your booth visitors to spread the word by providing fliers with your most frequently staffed positions, current openings and an email address and phone number where you can be contacted. Be sure the printed materials are well designed to grab a reader’s attention, and consider providing forms where they can submit their contacts’ information to enter a referral raffle or give away.

Don’t sit

When trying to engage job seekers you have never met before, standing in front or beside your booth is a nonverbal communication indicator that you are engaged, and ready to interact with anyone that should want to come chat with you. It might feel easier to sit behind your table and check on emails, but it comes with high risk of losing out on potential candidates that might not feel comfortable trying to get your attention. By looking alert and ready to shake hands, attendees will feel much more motivated to meet you and learn about your current opportunities.

Offer foodstand out at job fair 1

Everybody likes food! Attach your business card to granola bars, showcase a bowl of candy or paperclip a small bag of fruit gummy snacks to your well branded flier. By having a treat to offer, you’ll be able to easily draw a crowd with an incentive in exchange for your collateral material or short elevator pitch of what your agency has to offer.

Once the first impression is made at a job fair, recruiters will want to be sure to easily find resumes received at job fair events and utilize quick and efficient communication tools through your agency’s recruiting software. If your recruiting team struggles with applicant tracking and limited searching capabilities, schedule a demo with us today!