How staffing firms can extend their social media reach (Part 1)

Posted by Bond Team | April 1, 2013 |

Is your social media campaign actively working to extend your reach as a thought leader in the staffing industry? It might be, but chances are there is something you can do to further boost the effectiveness of this marketing medium. You’re already using social media to research and gain insight into potential job candidates, why not optimize it to further manage your brand identity?

Tech Crunch reports that sharing produces an estimated 10 percent of all internet traffic and 21 percent of referral traffic to sites from search and social. According to a study done by ShareThis, Starcom MediaVest Group and Rubinson Partners, 38 percent of link sharing channels originated with Facebook, 34 percent by hyperlinking on blogs, 17 percent by email and 11 percent with Twitter. It’s not hard to conclude then that your content and overall social media strategy needs to be developed to facilitate sharing. 

Here are five ways you can extend your social media reach:

1) Share useful, informational and funny content. What gets a person to click on a link? With so many options on the web, you need to display and share the best content possible. You can’t just promote your presence on social media, you have to contribute something that is worth following. Your Facebook and LinkedIn posts and Tweets need to consist of valuable, engaging content. Industry news, funny GIFs and instructional materials can boost your engagement on the web and have your followers spread your brand by pressing the share button. People aren’t going to follow your brand because you are promoting a new product – they want to get something useful out of following you. If you don’t provide your social media audience with engaging content, you may soon find they are tuning you out and will soon click the unfollow button. 

For example, there are plenty of people looking for work in the United States – even if they already have jobs. Passive job seekers are casually monitoring job boards and social media networks to see if an opportunity crops up. By sharing the positions you are trying to fill and a link to follow for more information, you could be gaining a potential job candidate who is ideal for a position you are trying to staff. Once they’ve made contact with you, your recruiting software can track their progress throughout the application process. This entire ball started rolling because you began sharing useful information on your social media account – leveraging the tool to help you accomplish your job. 

2) Strategize your link placing. According to ShareThis, different social networks have different link clicking rates. Each link shared on Twitter receives roughly 4.8 clicks, Facebook links get 4.3 clicks and email only attains 1.7 clicks. You still want to share all of these links on the various social media and digital platforms you have, but make sure to vary your taglines and the meta-data. Auto-populating networks using a social media manager is one of the big no-nos. If your followers are dedicated, they are going to be watching you on Twitter and Facebook and will see that you shared the same content in the same exact way without customizing it for the platform. 

3) Add social sharing buttons. Are your social sharing buttons easily accessible? If they aren’t, you could be losing out on a significant number of organic marketing opportunities. Place social sharing buttons on all of your content so that you are enabling your audience to share your content with their personal networks and increase your potential reach. The potential clients and job applicants, and even other staffing industry professionals that you could reach, can increase if you include individual sharing buttons for each blog post, infographic or account. 

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